"Strava and Glasp: Building Communities and Leaving a Lasting Legacy"


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Aug 22, 2023

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"Strava and Glasp: Building Communities and Leaving a Lasting Legacy"


In today's digital age, the power of community and the impact of leaving a lasting legacy cannot be overstated. Two platforms that embody these principles are Strava and Glasp. Strava, a popular fitness app, has gained immense traction by fostering a sense of community among athletes worldwide. On the other hand, Glasp, an emerging platform, aims to create a community of active learners. This article explores the success of Strava, delves into the concept of community, and draws parallels to Glasp's vision of leaving a noble and courageous legacy for future generations.

The Power of Community:

Strava's rapid growth, adding a million new users every 40 days, can be attributed to its core value of community. When people join Strava, they feel like they are becoming a part of something greater than just an app. This sense of belonging is crucial in building a platform that people love. As Quarles, a Strava executive, states, "People say they don't download Strava, they join Strava." This sentiment highlights the significance of creating a community-driven platform that fosters engagement and connection.

Glasp: The Home for Active Learning:

Similar to Strava's mission of becoming the home for athletes, Glasp aims to be the go-to platform for active learners. By providing a space where individuals can engage in continuous learning and personal growth, Glasp aspires to leave a unique legacy for future generations. Just as Strava users proudly claim, "If it's not on Strava, it didn't happen," Glasp envisions a future where learners can say the same about their educational accomplishments.

Building a Product with Passion:

One common thread between Strava and Glasp is the passion of their founders. The success of both platforms can be attributed to the fact that their creators genuinely care about the product they have built. Strava's executive mentions his own experience using the app and the joy he derives from watching his improvement and fitness journey. Similarly, the founders of Glasp believe in the transformative power of education and actively engage with the platform themselves. This personal attachment and daily use of the product contribute to its overall success.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy:

Strava's exponential growth and the world records recorded on the platform highlight the concept of leaving a legacy. The phrase, "If it's not on Strava, it didn't happen," signifies the importance of public proof of work. In the context of Glasp, the concept of legacy takes on a different form. Glasp aims to empower individuals to create a noble and courageous life, one that becomes their true legacy. By facilitating continuous learning and personal growth, Glasp envisions a future where individuals can bequeath a legacy of knowledge and wisdom to future generations.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Foster Community: Whether it's building a fitness app or an educational platform, prioritize community engagement. Create a space where users feel a sense of belonging and connection.
  • 2. Build a Product with Passion: As a founder or entrepreneur, develop a product that you genuinely care about and use yourself. This personal attachment will translate into a better user experience and greater success.
  • 3. Leave a Lasting Legacy: Consider the impact your platform can have on future generations. Aim to create a legacy that goes beyond just numbers and metrics, leaving behind a noble and courageous life that inspires others.


Strava's success story demonstrates the power of community and the importance of staying true to a core mission. By connecting athletes globally and fostering engagement, Strava has become more than just an app; it has become a community. Glasp, with its vision of becoming the home for active learning, seeks to leave a lasting legacy by empowering individuals to lead noble and courageous lives. By incorporating the actionable advice of fostering community, building with passion, and leaving a lasting legacy, founders and entrepreneurs can create products and platforms that stand the test of time and inspire future generations.

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