The Intersection of Share Ownership and Web Curation in Modern Business


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Aug 15, 2023

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The Intersection of Share Ownership and Web Curation in Modern Business


In the world of business, the concepts of share ownership and web curation have become integral to understanding and navigating the modern landscape. From the issuance and outstanding shares to the evolving role of curators in the online sphere, these aspects highlight the importance of clear expectations, trust, and informed decision-making. This article explores the parallels and connections between these two seemingly disparate topics and delves into actionable advice for individuals and businesses alike.

Issued and Outstanding Shares:

When a corporation sells shares, the buyers become stockholders, and these shares are then referred to as issued and outstanding. It signifies ownership and reflects the number of shares held by individuals or entities. On the other hand, shares that are not yet issued and outstanding, such as stock options, do not grant stockholder status until exercised. Whether a company calculates ownership based on the issued and outstanding shares or on a fully diluted basis may depend on the specific context.

Fully Diluted Shares:

Fully diluted shares encompass all potential shares that could be issued, including options and other equity-based compensation. However, the unallocated option pool is not considered issued and outstanding. The decision to calculate ownership on a fully diluted basis or only based on issued and outstanding shares depends on the circumstances and agreements between parties involved. Clear communication and shared understanding are crucial to avoid misunderstandings or disputes.

Web Curation and Influence:

The advent of Web 2.0 brought about a social, interconnected online environment. However, with the democratization of access, the web became saturated with information, making it increasingly challenging to navigate. This led to the rise of web curators, individuals or entities who help separate the signal from the noise. Curators play a vital role in guiding consumers towards quality content, products, and experiences.

Influence vs. Taste:

It is essential to differentiate between following someone for entertainment purposes and following someone for making purchase decisions. Influence does not necessarily equate to having good taste. The spectrum of influence varies, and individuals must be discerning when relying on influencers for their purchasing choices. Trusting the right curators who genuinely align with one's taste and values becomes crucial in an oversaturated digital world.

The Emergence of Web 3.0 and Curators:

Web 3.0 represents a shift towards user-centric experiences and emphasizes fidelity over convenience. In this era, curation takes center stage in every purchasing decision. With culture now trickling up, curators serve as the guiding force, helping individuals find the right direction in an overwhelming landscape. Trust becomes the currency in this paradigm, as consumers rely on curators to provide reliable recommendations and steer them towards valuable experiences.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Clearly Define Ownership: When engaging in share transactions, whether as a buyer or seller, it is crucial to clearly define ownership based on issued and outstanding shares or fully diluted shares. This clarity will prevent misunderstandings and ensure a fair and accurate representation of ownership interests.
  • 2. Be Mindful of Curator Selection: In the age of web curation, consumers must be discerning when selecting curators to trust. Take the time to research and understand the curators' values, taste, and expertise to ensure that their recommendations align with your own preferences.
  • 3. Foster Collaborative Relationships: For businesses and individuals seeking to make an impact in the online sphere, developing collaborative relationships with curators can be immensely beneficial. By aligning with trusted curators who share common values, businesses can tap into their curated networks and reach a more targeted audience.


As the worlds of share ownership and web curation converge, it becomes increasingly clear that trust, communication, and discernment are essential in the modern business landscape. Understanding the nuances of share ownership, whether based on issued and outstanding shares or fully diluted shares, ensures transparency and fairness. Meanwhile, relying on trusted curators to guide our online experiences helps us navigate the overwhelming abundance of information. By incorporating the actionable advice provided, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions and thrive in a world where trust and curation are paramount.

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