Enhancing Learning and Content Strategy: The Power of Active Engagement and Aggregator Strategies


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Sep 15, 2023

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Enhancing Learning and Content Strategy: The Power of Active Engagement and Aggregator Strategies


In both the realms of education and content strategy, there are key principles that can greatly enhance outcomes. From note-taking to note-making, research suggests that actively engaging with the material, whether through rephrasing or connecting ideas, leads to better understanding and retention. Similarly, aggregator strategies, as exemplified by The Athletic's success, provide a unique approach to content creation and dissemination. By understanding the commonalities between these concepts, we can uncover actionable advice for both students and content creators alike.

The Power of Note-Making:

Traditional note-taking methods, such as the Cornell method or free-flow notes, have been found to yield similar student performance outcomes. However, note-making, which involves deliberately crafting our own version of the content, has shown to enhance learning and retention. This process, which is slower and more involved, taps into the generation effect. By actively creating information from our own minds, we are more likely to remember it. Rephrasing the original ideas in our own words and connecting them together helps solidify understanding and facilitates recall. Additionally, treating our notes as living documents that we regularly review and revise further strengthens our engagement with the material.

Aggregator Strategies for Content Integration:

The success story of The Athletic highlights the potential of aggregator strategies in content creation. As an integrator, The Athletic relies on full-time journalists to create all its content, which is then organized into team pages that cater to specific user intents. While not every company can adopt such an approach, understanding the potential for aggregation can be instrumental in content strategy. The three types of supply for SEO aggregation include user-generated content (UGC), inventory, and programmatic landing pages. UGC can take various forms, such as reviews or templates, but it must be contextual and valuable. Integrators often start as point solutions that incorporate marketplace dynamics. Inventory refers to the creation of entities that can be aggregated and surfaced to search engines. Programmatic landing pages, like directories, can be created to target specific keyword permutations.

Shifting from Marketing to Product Thinking:

To successfully implement aggregator strategies, content creators must shift their mindset from marketing to product thinking. This entails considering the core value provided to users and its feasibility for business growth. Additionally, the user experience plays a crucial role in identifying opportunities for aggregation. By examining the steps users take to receive core value, identifying potential entities that can be made public, and exploring the potential for user-generated content, content creators can enhance their SEO strategy. It is also essential to assess whether the product has integrations or functions as a platform. Finally, considering the keyword search volume of entities helps determine the potential for significant traffic through aggregation.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace active engagement: Whether you're a student or a content creator, actively engaging with the material is key to enhancing learning and content strategy. Practice note-making by rephrasing and connecting ideas in your own words.
  • 2. Treat your notes as living documents: Regularly review and revise your notes to reinforce your understanding of the material. Consider utilizing tools with back-linking functions to ensure easy navigation and revision.
  • 3. Shift to product thinking: For content creators, prioritize product value, business feasibility, and user experience when implementing aggregator strategies. Assess the potential for significant traffic through targeted keywords.

In conclusion, both note-making and aggregator strategies emphasize the importance of active engagement and user experience. By actively creating and connecting ideas, students can enhance their learning and retention. Similarly, content creators can leverage aggregator strategies to provide valuable and easily accessible content. By following the actionable advice provided, individuals can unlock the potential for improved outcomes in both education and content strategy.

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