The Importance of App Retention Rates and Mastering the Basics


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Sep 20, 2023

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The Importance of App Retention Rates and Mastering the Basics

In a recent report comparing Android and iOS app retention rates, it was found that while the pattern of app retention is universal across all categories, Android tends to fare slightly better than iOS. One possible reason for this is the expandable storage feature that many Android devices offer. With expandable storage, users have less concern about running out of space, leading to a lower need to prune unwanted apps. As a result, these apps may still remain on the device and be used occasionally. However, it is important to note that the differences in retention rates between iOS and Android are statistically small, highlighting the significance of app retention in general rather than the platform comparison.

This report sheds light on the fact that many mobile apps are considered disposable. Users often download apps without much thought and delete them just as quickly when they no longer serve a purpose. This emphasizes the need for developers to focus on creating apps that provide long-lasting value and engage users beyond the initial download.

The concept of focusing on the basics is not only applicable to app retention rates but also to various aspects of life. Scott H Young, in his article "You're Never Too Good for the Basics," highlights the importance of mastering fundamental skills and principles. While everyone desires advanced knowledge, it is often the basics that form the foundation for success. In mathematics, for example, most calculations rely on arithmetic rather than complex algebra. Similarly, running a successful business involves keeping revenues above costs, a basic principle that is crucial for sustainability.

The problem with the basics is that they are often overlooked or taken for granted. We tend to ignore them because they seem obvious and simple. However, it is precisely this mindset that hinders our growth and prevents us from achieving our full potential. Young suggests three strategies to bring attention back to the basics:

  • 1. Change the environment: By altering the environment in which we operate, we can create a renewed focus on the basics. This could involve removing distractions, creating a dedicated space for learning, or surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who prioritize fundamental skills.
  • 2. Change your goals: Setting different standards for what we aim to achieve can force us to adapt our actions and prioritize the basics. By shifting our focus from advanced knowledge to mastering the foundational elements, we can build a solid base for further growth.
  • 3. Analyze and learn from mistakes: Rather than dwelling on our mistakes in the heat of the moment, Young suggests separating the task of making mistakes from the task of analyzing them. By examining our errors when we are not actively engaged in the process, we can gain valuable insights and make improvements for future endeavors.

In conclusion, the comparison of app retention rates between Android and iOS platforms highlights the need for developers to create apps that go beyond being disposable. It is crucial to focus on providing long-term value and engaging users beyond the initial download. Similarly, in life, mastering the basics forms the foundation for success in various domains. By paying attention to the fundamentals, changing our environment, setting different goals, and learning from our mistakes, we can enhance our skills and achieve greater success.

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