The Evolution of Subscription Services: From Bottomless Coffee to NFT Souvenirs


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Aug 28, 2023

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The Evolution of Subscription Services: From Bottomless Coffee to NFT Souvenirs


As the world grappled with the challenges posed by the pandemic, businesses across various industries had to adapt to survive. Among them, restaurants found innovative ways to generate revenue by offering subscription services for unlimited coffee and beer. However, the question remains - will these models endure? Simultaneously, the concept of traditional tourism souvenirs has evolved, with a growing interest in Web3 and NFTs. This article delves into the trends, challenges, and potential future of subscription services and NFT souvenirs.

Subscription Services: A Lifeline for Restaurants:

In response to the pandemic, restaurants like Dickey's Barbecue Pit and Panera Bread launched subscription services to sustain their business. Dickey's introduced a "meat box" service, while Panera Bread offered a monthly subscription for unlimited coffee and hot tea. These initiatives not only aimed to generate revenue but also foster customer loyalty. However, questions arise concerning the sustainability of such models, considering the revenue-sharing dynamics and consumer demand post-pandemic.

The Rise and Fall of Coffee Subscriptions:

Burger King's coffee subscription, intended to promote their breakfast menu, was short-lived. Similarly, Cumberland Farms' coffee "cupscription" met a similar fate. These examples highlight the challenges faced by businesses in maintaining successful subscription services. While initially attracting consumers, sustaining interest and profitability proved to be an uphill battle. This raises important considerations for businesses looking to implement similar models in the future.

The Psychological Connection to Souvenirs:

Souvenirs hold significant meaning for travelers, as they serve as tangible reminders of cherished experiences. The search for authenticity in travel souvenirs is not solely about the object itself but rather the traveler's sense of self-identity. The desire to bring home a piece of an extraordinary place or time stems from the need to hold onto the non-ordinary experience in a mundane setting. This connection between souvenirs and identity presents an opportunity to explore new avenues in the evolving world of NFTs.

The Intersection of Web3 and NFT Souvenirs:

Web3 and NFTs have gained traction in recent years, attracting a new group of users and collectors. These technologies offer unique possibilities for travelers to commemorate their experiences in a digital format. By leveraging NFTs, individuals can possess a digital token representing their travel memories. This emerging trend opens up avenues for collaboration between travel companies, artists, and blockchain platforms to create innovative and personalized NFT souvenirs.

The Challenges and Future of NFT Souvenirs:

While the concept of NFT souvenirs holds promise, there are challenges to overcome. The mainstream adoption of Web3 and NFTs is still in its early stages, limiting the potential consumer base. Additionally, ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of NFT souvenirs raises concerns about copyright and intellectual property rights. However, with advancements in blockchain technology and increased awareness of NFTs, the future of NFT souvenirs seems bright.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. For restaurants considering subscription services, focus on providing value beyond just the product itself. Loyalty programs, exclusive perks, and personalized experiences can enhance customer retention.
  • 2. Businesses venturing into NFT souvenirs should collaborate with artists and blockchain experts to create unique and authentic digital collectibles. Emphasize the connection to real-world experiences and the personal value they hold for travelers.
  • 3. Educate consumers about Web3, NFTs, and the potential of digital souvenirs. Raising awareness and understanding among travelers will drive demand and facilitate the mainstream adoption of NFT souvenirs.


The pandemic-induced shift towards subscription services in the restaurant industry highlights the need for businesses to adapt and find new revenue streams. While challenges exist, the concept of NFT souvenirs presents an exciting opportunity for travelers to immortalize their experiences in a digital format. By understanding the evolving preferences of consumers and leveraging advancements in technology, businesses can navigate the changing landscape and find innovative ways to connect with customers in the future.

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