The Power of Openness: NFT Creators Going cc0 and Escaping the Busy Trap


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Aug 06, 2023

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The Power of Openness: NFT Creators Going cc0 and Escaping the Busy Trap


In the world of NFTs, creators are embracing the concept of cc0, or Creative Commons Zero, a license that allows for the free use and remixing of digital assets. This approach differs from traditional intellectual property strategies, as cc0 holders do not have the right to exclude others from using the same intellectual property. Surprisingly, this move towards open sharing and collaboration can actually increase the value of NFTs and foster a more vibrant and engaged community. At the same time, many individuals find themselves trapped in a cycle of busyness, using it as a status symbol and a way to protect themselves from scrutiny in the workforce. However, this constant state of busyness can lead to a lack of meaning and progress. In this article, we explore why NFT creators are embracing cc0 and how individuals can escape the busy trap.

The Power of Openness in NFTs:

One of the main reasons why NFT creators are turning to cc0 is to promote extensions of their original projects and cultivate a more vibrant community. In the world of crypto, open sharing and community-building are integral parts of the philosophy. As new derivatives are created and shared, attention flows back to the original, strengthening its place in the collective consciousness. This flywheel effect can lead to increased value for the original NFT, as each additional derivative adds to its appeal. The derivative borrows brand awareness from the source project, driving new interest in the original. This cooperative approach allows for trust and coordination among strangers, which is essential for decentralized systems like NFTs.

Composability and Growth:

Composability, or the ability to combine different assets and platforms, is key to the growth of cc0 NFT projects. By building digital assets on public standards and interoperable infrastructure, creators make it easy for users to plug their assets into various platforms. Third-party expansions and derivatives can become sources of revenue by driving increased demand for the original cc0 assets. This opens up opportunities for collaboration and turns competition into cooperation. For these applications to reach their full potential, more supporting infrastructure services need to be readily available, enabling people to make the most of the remixing opportunities that cc0 creates.

Escaping the Busy Trap:

In today's fast-paced world, busyness has become a status symbol and a way to signal value and productivity. However, constantly feeling busy can lead to a lack of meaning and progress. It's important to escape the busy trap and find a balance between productivity and well-being.

1. Prioritize and Focus:

The failure to prioritize is a significant driver of busyness. There are rarely more than 2-3 things that truly matter at any given time. Identifying and focusing on these priorities can help avoid getting caught up in a long list of tasks. Take the time to make a list of your top priorities and narrow it down to the most important ones. Be ruthless in focusing on what truly matters.

2. Distinguish Urgent from Important:

Spending too much time on urgent tasks can divert attention from what is truly important. Use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to differentiate between urgent and important tasks. By allocating time and energy to the important tasks, you can make progress and avoid getting caught in a cycle of busyness.

3. Embrace Boredom and Free Time:

In our constant quest for optimization, we often fill our time with movement that lacks progress. Embracing boredom and scheduled free time can be a secret weapon for creativity and productivity. Take pride in your output per unit of input, rather than the number of hours worked or the busyness of your schedule. Allow yourself moments of stillness and reflection to appreciate the beauty of life and find genuine enjoyment.


The shift towards cc0 in the NFT space highlights the power of open sharing and collaboration. By embracing cc0, creators can foster a more vibrant and engaged community, leading to increased value for their original NFTs. On a personal level, escaping the busy trap requires prioritization, focus, and a reevaluation of the value we place on busyness. By finding a balance between productivity and well-being, individuals can lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Embracing openness and freeing ourselves from the busy trap can unlock new opportunities for growth and creativity.

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