The Key Traits of Successful Product Managers and Understanding User Adoption


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Aug 30, 2023

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The Key Traits of Successful Product Managers and Understanding User Adoption


In the fast-paced world of product management, success hinges on the ability to make critical decisions about what to create. While product managers may not possess the authority to make personnel decisions like CEOs, they are responsible for leading teams and taking ownership of the product and its success. This article explores the commonalities between successful product managers and delves into strategies for understanding user adoption.

The Role of a Product Manager:

Product managers play a vital role in determining the direction of a product. They are responsible for making decisions about what to create and guiding their teams towards success. Although they lack the power to make personnel decisions, they bear the weight of the product's responsibility and work closely with their teams to achieve desired outcomes.

Understanding User Adoption:

To truly understand user adoption, it is crucial to analyze the patterns and behaviors of users who not only try out your product but become loyal users. By focusing on these "core users," product managers can attract more individuals who are deeply engaged with the product. One effective approach is to identify bouncebacks - users who initially tried the product, left, but returned later and became dedicated users.

Four Questions for Understanding User Adoption:

To gain insights into user adoption, product managers should consider four key questions:

1) What prompted users to sign up and try out our product in the first place?

Understanding the initial motivations of users provides valuable insights into what attracted them to the product. By honing in on these reasons, product managers can refine their messaging and attract more interested users.

2) What aspects of the product did not meet user expectations or prove difficult to understand?

Identifying the pain points and shortcomings of the product through user feedback helps improve the user experience. By addressing these issues, product managers can enhance the product's appeal and increase user adoption.

3) Why did users return to give the product another try?

The reasons users come back after an initial disinterest or disappointment can provide crucial insights. By understanding what prompted users to give the product a second chance, product managers can refine their strategies and enhance user engagement.

4) What worked the second time to increase user frequency and engagement?

By analyzing the factors that led to increased user frequency and engagement, product managers can identify successful strategies. These insights can then be incorporated into messaging and product updates to drive further adoption.

Actionable Advice:

Based on the insights gained from understanding user adoption, here are three actionable pieces of advice for product managers:

1) Revamp your messaging to focus on the messages that brought users back and got them engaged.

By aligning messaging with the reasons users return, product managers can effectively communicate the value of the product and increase user interest.

2) Update your product and onboarding to simplify the actions that led to increased engagement.

Streamlining the user experience based on the actions that drove increased engagement can make the product more intuitive and appealing to new users. This will encourage them to become active users.

3) Continuously analyze user feedback and adjust your strategies accordingly.

User feedback is invaluable in shaping the product and improving user adoption. By actively listening to users and making necessary adjustments, product managers can ensure that their product remains relevant and appealing.


Successful product managers possess the ability to make critical decisions, take ownership of the product, and lead their teams effectively. Understanding user adoption is crucial for driving product success. By analyzing user behavior, addressing pain points, and refining messaging and product experiences, product managers can increase user adoption and create a strong base of engaged users.

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