Notetaking In 2022: The Evolution of Digital Writing


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Aug 26, 2023

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Notetaking In 2022: The Evolution of Digital Writing

In the fast-paced digital age, notetaking has become an essential tool for writers and knowledge workers. It allows us to capture our thoughts, observations, and ideas, enabling us to organize and synthesize information effectively. However, the way we approach notetaking has evolved significantly in recent years. This article explores the changing landscape of notetaking in 2022 and the tools that are shaping this transformation.

A Shift in Notetaking Habits

For many writers, notetaking has become a daily ritual. Arvid Kahl, a digital writer, shares his experience of writing over 80 essays this year alone. This commitment to daily writing has not only improved his skills but also transformed his perspective on himself as a writer. Notetaking, he believes, is the catalyst for action, while observation serves as the primary motivation behind it.

Embracing New Notetaking Tools

As technology advances, so do the tools available to support notetaking. Scrintal, a bootstrapped founder podcast, has emerged as a popular notetaking and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) app. It has replaced the combination of Roam Research and Evernote for many digital writers, marking a pivotal moment in their notetaking journey. Scrintal offers a seamless user experience, allowing writers to organize their ideas and insights effectively.

Another intriguing tool in the realm of notetaking is Glasp, a social highlighter and community platform. This platform enables writers and knowledge workers to share their highlights with others, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The integration of Glasp with Readwise, a popular reading app, could potentially enhance the notetaking experience further.

Simplifying Notetaking for Efficiency

While there is an abundance of notetaking tools available, it is crucial to invest in those that save time rather than consume it. The key is to simplify the process, making it more efficient and productive. Andy Sporring, a prolific digital writer, emphasizes the importance of consistency and intentionality in notemaking. By staying committed to writing regularly, writers can harness the true power of notetaking.

The Infinite Article: AI and Personalization

Looking beyond traditional notetaking, the concept of the "infinite article" emerges as a fascinating prospect. The idea revolves around an AI-powered app that continuously writes itself as the reader interacts with the content, based on their interests and engagement. This concept requires AI to understand individual preferences, which can be achieved through leveraging highlights and notes. By analyzing these annotations, AI can generate personalized content recommendations and create a seamless reading experience.

Identifying Low-Hanging Fruits and Starting Points

To realize the potential of the infinite article, it is crucial to identify the low-hanging fruits and leverage them as starting points. This approach involves narrowing down the initial product or market to minimize trade-offs. Several successful companies have employed this strategy. Tesla started with high-end electric sports cars, where price was not a primary concern. YouTube focused on personal videos for MySpace pages, avoiding legal complexities. Uber found success in San Francisco, capitalizing on the city's transportation challenges and tech-savvy population.

Static vs. Ephemeral Content

The notion of static and ephemeral content is worth pondering when discussing the infinite article. Daily apps like Twitter, Product Hunt, and Hacker News cater to ephemeral content, providing users with real-time updates and news. On the other hand, platforms like Google, Quora, and Stack Overflow focus on static or evergreen content, offering valuable insights that remain relevant over time. Recognizing the distinction between these content types is crucial in shaping the future of personalized content consumption.

The Power of Google and Personalization

Google's search engine is currently the closest approximation to the infinite article. By extracting information directly from articles and displaying it on the search results page, Google offers users a continuous reading experience. Moreover, Google possesses a unique advantage in personalization. Its vast database of prior information consumption enables it to understand individual preferences and deliver tailored content recommendations. However, it is important to note that Google's model is limited to information up until June 2021, highlighting the evolving nature of personalization.

Actionable Advice for Notetaking in 2022

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of notetaking, here are three actionable pieces of advice to enhance your notemaking experience:

  • 1. Embrace dedicated notetaking and PKM apps: Explore tools like Scrintal that streamline the notetaking process, allowing you to organize and access your ideas effortlessly.
  • 2. Cultivate consistency and intentionality: Commit to a regular writing routine, whether it's daily or weekly. Consistency breeds creativity and helps you harness the true power of notetaking.
  • 3. Leverage personalization through highlights and notes: Make the most of AI-powered recommendations by actively highlighting and annotating your readings. This will enable algorithms to understand your preferences and deliver tailored content suggestions.


Notetaking has evolved significantly in 2022, driven by the emergence of innovative tools and the quest for personalized content experiences. It is no longer just about jotting down ideas; it is a deliberate practice that empowers writers and knowledge workers to capture, organize, and share information effectively. As we embrace the infinite article and leverage AI-powered recommendations, the future of notetaking holds exciting possibilities. By adopting dedicated notetaking apps, cultivating consistency, and actively engaging with our readings, we can unlock the true potential of notemaking in the digital age.

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