How to Find Happiness in Marketplaces and Life


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Sep 26, 2023

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How to Find Happiness in Marketplaces and Life


In today's fast-paced world, finding happiness can feel like an elusive goal. We often find ourselves striving for success, constantly pushing ourselves to achieve more. But what if the key to happiness lies in something simpler? What if, instead of constantly chasing after success, we focused on finding pleasure in the present moment? In this article, we will explore the concept of happiness in both marketplaces and life, and discover actionable advice on how to cultivate a more fulfilling and joyful existence.

The Hierarchy of Marketplaces — Level 2

When it comes to marketplaces, growth is often seen as the ultimate goal. However, growth alone does not guarantee happiness. To truly increase happiness, marketplaces need to focus on creating better matches between buyers and sellers. This can be achieved by reducing friction in transactions, making it easier for users to engage with the platform. By doing so, marketplaces can scale beyond their early adopters and provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all users.

Creating Happiness Loops

Within marketplaces, there are two types of loops that work together symbiotically: growth loops and happiness loops. Growth loops are focused on expanding the user base and increasing revenue. Happiness loops, on the other hand, are centered around creating a sense of satisfaction and joy for users. By combining these two types of loops, marketplaces can not only grow but also provide a fulfilling experience for their users.

The Role of Airbnb in Creating Happiness

One example of a marketplace that has successfully incorporated happiness into its platform is Airbnb. By introducing a badge system, Airbnb has made it easier for guests to identify great hosts without having to read dozens of reviews. This not only saves time for guests but also creates a better experience overall. Additionally, the badge system provides clarity to hosts about the behaviors that are expected and rewarded on the platform, leading to a more satisfying experience for both hosts and guests.

Finding Happiness in Life - The Epicurean Way

While happiness in marketplaces is important, finding joy in our personal lives is equally crucial. The philosopher Epicurus believed that pleasure was the ultimate goal of life. However, he emphasized the importance of choosing pleasure wisely and finding a balance between responsibility and hedonism.

Epicurus argued against indulgence and advocated for a state of tranquility, known as "ataraxia." He believed that anxieties lurking beneath the surface often drive people to act unethically. By focusing on wise and moderate pleasures, we can find true tranquility and live a more fulfilling life.

The Pleasure Audit

To cultivate a more joyful existence, Epicurus suggested conducting a "Pleasure Audit." This involves evaluating the pleasures in our lives and determining what truly brings us happiness. Necessary pleasures, such as spending time with loved ones or engaging in activities that bring us joy, should be prioritized. Extravagant pleasures, while acceptable in moderation, should not become the sole focus of our lives. Corrosive desires, such as the pursuit of wealth, power, or fame, should be avoided as they can lead to a never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction.

Seeking Satisfaction over Success

In our society, success is often equated with happiness. However, Epicurus argued that satisfaction should be our true goal. Success is an ever-moving target, while satisfaction can be achieved by finding contentment in the present moment. Rather than constantly striving for more, we should focus on appreciating what we have and savoring life's pleasures.

The Importance of Meaningful Relationships

According to Epicurus, friends are the single biggest contributor to happiness. Modern research supports this claim, highlighting the importance of trust and shared values in friendships. In a world dominated by social media, it's essential to prioritize genuine connections over virtual interactions. Spending quality time with loved ones, reflecting on past pleasures, and expressing gratitude for what we have can greatly enhance our overall sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Actionable Advice

Before we conclude, here are three actionable pieces of advice to help you cultivate happiness in both marketplaces and life:

  • 1. Focus on reducing friction: In marketplaces, strive to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for users. By reducing friction in transactions, you can increase user satisfaction and foster growth.
  • 2. Conduct a Pleasure Audit: Take the time to evaluate the pleasures in your life. Prioritize necessary pleasures, moderate extravagant desires, and eliminate corrosive desires that consume your life.
  • 3. Cultivate meaningful relationships: Invest in genuine connections with friends and loved ones. Spend quality time together, reflect on past pleasures, and express gratitude for the joys in your life.


In a world driven by success and constant striving, it's important to remember that happiness lies in the present moment. By focusing on reducing friction in marketplaces, choosing pleasure wisely in our personal lives, and cultivating meaningful relationships, we can find greater joy and fulfillment. So, take a moment to relax and enjoy yourself, because life is about pleasure, and you deserve to be happy.

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