Innovating Survival Strategies: Restaurants' Unique Subscription Kits and Customer Retention Techniques


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Aug 15, 2023

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Innovating Survival Strategies: Restaurants' Unique Subscription Kits and Customer Retention Techniques


In the face of challenging times, restaurants around the world have been forced to adapt in order to stay afloat. From offering unique subscription kits to implementing customer retention strategies, these establishments are finding innovative ways to navigate the current landscape.

1. Subscription Kits: A Little Bit of Income and Creativity:

In an article titled "‘A little bit of income’: Restaurants offer unique subscription kits to stay afloat," we explore how some restaurants are leveraging the concept of subscription kits as a means of generating revenue. Wiltshire Pantry, a chef-driven prepared meal service in Louisville, exemplifies this approach. By offering subscription kits that provide customers with healthy and delicious meals, they not only meet the demand for convenience but also create a steady stream of income. This unique offering allows Wiltshire Pantry to maintain their presence in the market while also tapping into a new revenue stream.

2. KCARD's Insights: Turning New Customers into Regulars:

The Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD) provides valuable insights on how restaurants can turn new customers into regulars. In a Q&A session, KCARD emphasizes the importance of making a strong first impression. By ensuring that customers have a positive experience from the moment they walk through the door, restaurants can increase the likelihood of repeat visits. Additionally, KCARD advises establishments to obtain customers' contact information. This enables restaurants to stay connected with their clientele and inform them about special promotions or new offerings. Lastly, KCARD suggests creating a bag-drop flyer, which can be included with takeout or delivery orders. This flyer can serve as a reminder for customers to visit the restaurant again or try out other menu items.

Connecting the Dots:

While Wiltshire Pantry focuses on generating income through subscription kits, their approach aligns with KCARD's recommendations. By providing customers with a high-quality product and ensuring a positive experience, Wiltshire Pantry not only attracts new customers but also has the potential to turn them into regular subscribers. Moreover, by obtaining customers' contact information during the subscription process, Wiltshire Pantry can maintain a direct line of communication and inform subscribers about new menu items or exclusive promotions. The inclusion of a bag-drop flyer in the subscription kit could further reinforce the brand and encourage repeat business.

3. Unique Ideas and Insights:

In addition to the aforementioned content, it is worth exploring unique ideas and insights that can further enhance the survival strategies of restaurants:

a) Collaborations: Restaurants can consider collaborating with local farms or food artisans to create exclusive subscription kits. This not only supports local businesses but also adds a unique touch to the offerings, enticing customers to subscribe and try something new.

b) Customization: Offering customization options in subscription kits can help restaurants cater to individual preferences and dietary restrictions. By allowing customers to personalize their meal choices or ingredient combinations, restaurants can foster a sense of inclusivity and increase customer satisfaction.

c) Virtual Events: Restaurants can organize virtual cooking classes or live-streamed chef demonstrations exclusively for subscribers. This interactive experience not only adds value to the subscription but also creates a sense of community among customers. It also allows restaurants to showcase their expertise and build a loyal customer base.


As restaurants continue to face the challenges brought on by the current landscape, it is crucial for them to explore innovative survival strategies. Incorporating unique subscription kits and implementing customer retention techniques can help establishments generate income and build a loyal customer base. By making a strong first impression, obtaining contact information, and leveraging bag-drop flyers, restaurants can increase the likelihood of turning new customers into regulars. Additionally, incorporating collaborations, customization options, and virtual events can further enhance the offerings and foster customer engagement. By combining these strategies, restaurants can adapt and thrive in the face of adversity.

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