"How Y Combinator Started" and "人はなぜ生きるのか?(遺物論編)|Kazuki Nakayashiki|note"


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Sep 12, 2023

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"How Y Combinator Started" and "人はなぜ生きるのか?(遺物論編)|Kazuki Nakayashiki|note"

Title: The Power of Legacy: Building a Future through Funding and Ideals


In the ever-evolving world of startups and venture capitalism, Y Combinator emerged as a groundbreaking source of seed funding. The underlying ideas that shaped Y Combinator were innovative and challenging the traditional norms of investing. This article explores the origins of Y Combinator and the profound impact of leaving a legacy in both the startup world and personal growth.

Connecting the Dots:

Y Combinator, initially known as Cambridge Seed, was born out of the belief that investors should prioritize smaller investments in hackers rather than the traditional suits. This idea challenged the status quo and aimed to fund younger founders who possessed disruptive ideas. The founders of Y Combinator drew inspiration from their own experiences with seed funding when they started Viaweb. They recognized the potential of their model on a national scale and sought a name that transcended geographical limitations.

However, the most crucial idea that set Y Combinator apart was funding startups synchronously, rather than asynchronously as it had always been done before. Initially, this decision was driven by a desire to learn how to be angel investors. The first batch of founders turned out to be remarkably successful, and the Y Combinator effect was coined to describe the moment when people realized the program's value. This success led Y Combinator to continue funding startups in batches, ultimately becoming the Y Combinator of Silicon Valley.

Parallel to the startup world, Kazuki Nakayashiki raises thought-provoking questions about the purpose of human existence. He suggests that humans live to leave behind a legacy of wholesome ideas for future generations. Our thoughts and actions are the only means through which we can communicate with the external world. It is through acquiring knowledge and learning from others' experiences that we form goals and aspirations, which drive us towards fulfilling our purposes. Nakayashiki emphasizes the importance of learning from history and maintaining a sound conscience through thoughts, beliefs, and faith.

Connection and Insights:

At first glance, the worlds of Y Combinator and Nakayashiki may seem disparate, but upon closer examination, commonalities emerge. Both emphasize the power of ideas and the impact they can have on the future. Y Combinator focuses on funding startups that challenge the norm and bring about innovative change, while Nakayashiki stresses the significance of leaving behind a legacy of healthy ideals.

Moreover, Y Combinator's synchronous funding model aligns with Nakayashiki's belief that actions should reflect genuine convictions. Both entities encourage individuals to embrace challenges, develop knowledge with love and compassion, and actively seek solutions to societal problems.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Disruption: To truly make a difference, challenge the status quo and seek innovative solutions. Don't be afraid to invest in unconventional ideas or support startups that challenge traditional norms.
  • 2. Learn from History: Take the time to understand the experiences and lessons of those who came before you. By learning from history, you can gain valuable insights and expand your knowledge base.
  • 3. Stay True to Your Convictions: Maintain a strong sense of personal belief and let your actions reflect your genuine convictions. By living authentically, you contribute to the legacy of wholesome ideals that can shape the world for the better.


Y Combinator's journey from its inception to becoming a Silicon Valley powerhouse and Nakayashiki's exploration of the purpose of human existence both highlight the significance of legacy. By funding startups and leaving behind ideas that challenge existing norms, we have the power to shape the future. Embracing disruption, learning from history, and staying true to our convictions are actionable steps we can take to make a lasting impact on the world and leave behind a meaningful legacy.

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