Why You Should Stop Reading News and Surround Yourself with the Right People


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Sep 23, 2023

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Why You Should Stop Reading News and Surround Yourself with the Right People

In today's fast-paced world, we are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information. The speed of news delivery has increased exponentially, and the cost to produce news has significantly decreased. This has led to a flood of surface-level opinions on isolated topics, filling our heads with trivial information. Furthermore, like any other business, news producers want us to consume more of their product. The incentives in the news industry are misaligned, with page views becoming the primary focus.

As a result, most of what we read online today is pointless. It does not contribute to living a good life, making better decisions, or understanding the world. Instead, it distracts us and consumes our attention. The abundance of information sources leaves us impoverished in attention, making it challenging to allocate our attention efficiently. When we stop reading the news, we realize how misinformed those who still consume it are. They often cherry-pick information, giving it undue weight in forming their opinions. Moreover, we come to the realization that we were not as well-informed as we thought. The news did not make our opinions more rational; it only made us more confident in our existing beliefs.

To combat this information overload, we need to spend less time consuming and more time thinking. We must change our sources of information from the news and focus on quality rather than quantity. It is crucial to be selective in the information we consume and prioritize sources that provide dense and meaningful information. By doing so, we can develop a deeper understanding of the world and make better decisions.

While it is essential to be mindful of the information we consume, it is equally vital to be conscious of the people we surround ourselves with. The common saying, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with," holds some truth. However, research suggests that the influence of our surroundings extends far beyond those five individuals. We are the average of all the people who surround us, including those we haven't even met yet.

Studies have shown that our behaviors and choices are heavily influenced by the people in our social circles. For example, if a friend becomes obese, we are 45 percent more likely to gain weight ourselves. Similarly, if a friend smokes, we are 61 percent more likely to be a smoker. These influences even extend to friends of friends, with a 29 percent increased likelihood of smoking if a friend of a friend smokes.

Therefore, it is crucial to surround ourselves with the right people who inspire and motivate us to be better versions of ourselves. We should seek out individuals who align with our values, goals, and aspirations. By surrounding ourselves with positive and driven individuals, we create an environment that fosters personal growth and success.

In conclusion, the constant consumption of news and the influence of our social circles have a significant impact on our lives. To navigate through the noise and make better decisions, we must stop reading news and focus on quality information sources. Additionally, we should be mindful of the people we surround ourselves with, as they greatly influence our behaviors and choices. Here are three actionable pieces of advice:

  • 1. Limit your news consumption: Be selective in the information you consume and prioritize quality over quantity. Focus on sources that provide dense and meaningful information.
  • 2. Surround yourself with the right people: Seek out individuals who inspire and motivate you. Surround yourself with positive and driven individuals who align with your values and goals.
  • 3. Allocate time for reflection and thinking: Spend less time consuming and more time thinking. Allow yourself the space to process information and develop your own thoughts and opinions.

Remember, your quality of life is greatly influenced by your choices about how to spend your precious resource of free time. Choose wisely.

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