The Path to Building Crypto Applications and Striving for a Meaningful Life


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Sep 09, 2023

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The Path to Building Crypto Applications and Striving for a Meaningful Life


Building successful crypto applications and striving for a meaningful life may seem like completely unrelated endeavors. However, upon closer inspection, there are common points that connect these two areas. Both require careful consideration, community participation, and a focus on long-term sustainability. In this article, we will explore the concepts of progressive decentralization in crypto applications and the pursuit of a meaningful life, and how they intersect.

Progressive Decentralization in Crypto Applications:

Crypto founders face the challenge of building products that not only meet market demand but can also operate in a decentralized manner. Achieving community ownership and regulatory compliance is crucial for the long-term health of crypto applications. By involving the community in decision-making and ensuring fair token distribution, crypto applications can minimize platform risk and align better with their users. Decentralization also plays a significant role in transitioning tokens from securities to non-securities, allowing the token holders to rely less on the efforts of others.

Building Towards Product/Market Fit:

In the early stages of building a crypto application, it is essential to focus on product/market fit. Design decisions should be driven by a core team rather than a decentralized committee. Launching a token at this stage may complicate compliance requirements. By prioritizing product/market fit, crypto founders can lay the foundation for future community participation and decentralized ownership.

Fostering Community Participation:

As the crypto application gains traction, founders should devote more attention to fostering harmony between passive users, contributors, and the core team. Running the product like an open-source project can help build a strong developer ecosystem and network effects. Token distribution is a crucial aspect of community participation. Fair and effective distribution models should be considered, taking into account past contributions and future incentives. Rational outcomes and proposals can be workshopped with the community, creating a sense of ownership and alignment.

Sufficient Decentralization:

Once a crypto application has achieved early product/market fit and established a robust community, the focus can shift towards achieving sufficient decentralization. A smart contract can trigger the minting and distribution of tokens, effectively transferring majority ownership and control to the community. This transition helps mitigate platform risk and ensures the long-term sustainability of the application. The cooperative economics of the service allow for better alignment and growing value, benefiting the user-owners.

Striving for a Meaningful Life:

The pursuit of happiness has been a fundamental human desire. However, the concept of happiness has evolved over time. Originally viewed as luck or fate, happiness has become synonymous with pleasure. Yet, this pursuit of happiness often leads to dissatisfaction and a lack of meaning in life. To find meaning, individuals should focus on cultivating their character and becoming more integrated and complete individuals. Striving towards goals, while continuously modifying them to facilitate personal growth, can lead to a subjectively meaningful life.

The Role of Goals and Character Development:

Setting goals is crucial, but it is the continual struggle towards these goals that builds character and cultivates meaning. It is important to recognize that goals are only valuable if they contribute to the growth of one's character. The process of striving towards these goals, rather than the attainment itself, is what matters most. By embracing the challenges and the effort required to cultivate character, individuals may find transient states of happiness more frequently than those solely focused on attaining happiness.


Building crypto applications and striving for a meaningful life share common principles. Both require careful consideration, community participation, and a focus on long-term sustainability. In the world of crypto, progressive decentralization ensures community ownership and regulatory compliance. In life, the pursuit of meaning comes from cultivating character and striving towards goals that facilitate personal growth. To succeed in both areas, it is crucial to avoid getting stuck in stages and maintain a clear focus. By following these principles, individuals can navigate the complexities of crypto applications and find fulfillment in their lives.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Prioritize product/market fit: Focus on building a product that meets market demand before considering decentralization. This will lay the foundation for future community participation and ownership.
  • 2. Foster community participation: Invest in creating a harmonious relationship between users, contributors, and the core team. Distribution of tokens should be fair and effective, considering past contributions and future incentives.
  • 3. Embrace challenges and personal growth: Strive towards goals that contribute to the development of your character. Recognize that the process of growth and continuous effort is more important than the attainment of goals themselves.

In the pursuit of building successful crypto applications and leading meaningful lives, these actionable pieces of advice can serve as a guide to navigate the complexities and challenges that lie ahead.

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