"How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine: Community Building 101"


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Aug 10, 2023

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"How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine: Community Building 101"

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, it's crucial to continuously learn and adapt. Whether you're a professional looking to level up in your career or a brand trying to connect with your audience, becoming a learning machine and building a thriving community are essential. Let's explore how these two seemingly different concepts intersect and how you can apply them in your own life or business.

  • 1. Read Widely and Retain What You Learn

Simon, an individual who wanted to optimize his own brain, discovered the power of reading extensively. He realized that reading broadly was the best way to enhance his knowledge and skills. Similarly, in community building, it's important to have a wide foundation of understanding. By immersing yourself in diverse topics and perspectives, you can better connect with your community members and provide value to them.

Actionable Advice: Make it a habit to read something every day. Choose books that genuinely fascinate you rather than feeling obligated to read what you "ought" to. Highlight important insights and use tools like Readwise to organize and review them regularly.

  • 2. Connect Ideas and Foster Engagement

Building a community requires a deep understanding of your target audience. Just as Simon emphasized the importance of retaining and connecting his learning, community builders should focus on creating a collective thread that makes people feel included. Instead of trying to change your community members, find ways to come to them and meet them where they are.

Actionable Advice: Invest time in getting to know your community. Understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. Engage with them through polls, questions, and opportunities for them to share their thoughts. Foster a sense of acceptance and belonging within your community.

  • 3. Utilize the Power of Technology and Platforms

Technology can be a powerful ally in both learning and community building. Simon found tools like Kindle, Readwise, and Anki to be invaluable in organizing and retaining his knowledge. Similarly, community builders can leverage various platforms and tools to connect with their community and create a seamless experience.

Actionable Advice: Explore platforms like Slack, Facebook Groups, Discord, or Bevy to build your community. Use technology to engage and communicate with your community members effectively. Consider creating a space where your community can connect beyond your main offerings, integrating your brand into their online lives.


By adopting a learning mindset and applying the principles of community building, you can create a powerful synergy. Continuous learning fuels your growth as an individual or brand, while building a community provides a support system and a platform for collaboration. Remember to read widely, connect ideas, engage with your community, and leverage technology to unlock the full potential of becoming a learning machine and building a thriving community.

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