The Power of Storytelling and Disruption in Building a Successful Service


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Aug 02, 2023

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The Power of Storytelling and Disruption in Building a Successful Service

In today's competitive market, it is crucial for businesses and service providers to find unique ways to engage with their users and stand out from the crowd. Two different articles, one discussing the concept of "็‰ฉ่ชžๆ€่€ƒ" (Storytelling Thinking) and the other exploring the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman, shed light on two key aspects that can contribute to the success of a service: engaging users through storytelling and embracing disruption.

"็‰ฉ่ชžๆ€่€ƒ," as explained by Kensu-san, a representative of the manga service "Al," refers to the idea of making users an integral part of the service. By creating a mechanism that allows a few hundred to a few thousand passionate users to participate actively, the service can scale rapidly. The key to acquiring such users lies in embracing storytelling. Service providers must bridge the gap with their users, make them feel like comrades, and ultimately improve the quality of the service. This approach not only fosters a sense of community but also contributes to the success of the service.

The concept of "็‰ฉ่ชžๆ€่€ƒ" aligns with the idea of disruption discussed in Meflyn Anwana's article. Many people mistakenly use the terms "entrepreneur" and "businessman" interchangeably, just as they equate being "rich" with being "wealthy." However, the real difference lies in the ability to disrupt an industry. Entrepreneurs bring a unique perspective and purpose to their ventures, driven by their passion and the deployment of their gifts. They aim to serve the world in a distinctive way.

By incorporating the principles of "็‰ฉ่ชžๆ€่€ƒ" and embracing disruption, service providers can create a strong bond with their users and build a successful service. Here are three actionable pieces of advice to consider:

  • 1. Embrace storytelling: Develop a narrative that resonates with your users. Invite them to actively participate in shaping the story and make them feel like they are part of something bigger. This sense of belonging will keep them engaged and loyal to your service.
  • 2. Foster a sense of community: Create a platform that encourages users to interact with one another, share their experiences, and provide feedback. This not only builds a strong community but also allows the service provider to gain valuable insights and improve the service based on user feedback.
  • 3. Embrace disruption: Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo in your industry. Identify the unique gifts and talents that you bring to the table and find innovative ways to serve your target audience. Embracing disruption can open up new opportunities and set you apart from the competition.

In conclusion, the combination of "็‰ฉ่ชžๆ€่€ƒ" and disruption can be a powerful tool in building a successful service. By engaging users through storytelling and embracing their unique gifts and purpose, service providers can create a strong bond with their users and stand out in a crowded market. Remember to embrace storytelling, foster a sense of community, and embrace disruption to unlock the full potential of your service.

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