"Empowering Gen Z: From Note-Taking to Note-Making, and Navigating TikTok Trends"


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Sep 24, 2023

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"Empowering Gen Z: From Note-Taking to Note-Making, and Navigating TikTok Trends"


With the rise of Gen Z as the largest generation on the planet, it is crucial to understand their unique characteristics and how they navigate the digital landscape. This article explores two seemingly unrelated topics - the shift from note-taking to note-making and the influence of TikTok on Gen Z's language and self-expression. By finding common ground between these subjects, we can gain valuable insights into empowering Gen Z and fostering their creativity and individuality.

From Note-Taking to Note-Making:

Note-taking and note-making may seem similar, but they serve distinct purposes. Note-taking is about capturing information quickly for future reference, while note-making involves actively crafting our own version of the content to enhance learning and creativity. The generation effect supports note-making, as actively creating information from our own minds aids in better retention. Shifting our mindset from passive collection to active creation is the core essence of note-making. By rephrasing ideas, using our own language, and building upon concepts, we can transform our notes into living documents that promote active engagement and facilitate deeper understanding.

TikTok: A Cultural Phenomenon:

Gen Z's affinity for TikTok extends beyond entertainment; it reflects their authentic and unique approach to self-expression. Striving to stand out rather than fit in, Gen Z values individuality and avoids labels. Consumption for them is an expression of their identity, with TikTok nurturing a culture of creativity by removing barriers to content creation. By embracing TikTok's participatory nature, Gen Z has the opportunity to shift from being mere consumers to active creators. Stanning creators on TikTok becomes a way to find belonging while showcasing their distinct personalities.

Empowering Gen Z: Pragmatic & Self-Directed:

Gen Z's aspirations extend far beyond traditional career paths. A significant percentage of them desire to start their own companies and explore alternative education options. Autonomy and flexibility are key drivers for this generation, with the majority seeking to be their own bosses. As work disaggregates and the gig economy expands, entrepreneurship becomes a means for Gen Z to reclaim their agency. The internet serves as a platform for them to bare their souls, express their creativity, and find meaningful work opportunities that align with their values.

Actionable Advice for Empowering Gen Z:

  • 1. Encourage Note-Making: Educators and parents should emphasize the importance of active engagement and note-making as a tool for deeper learning. Encourage students to rephrase concepts in their own words, connect ideas, and create their own systems. By doing so, they will develop a stronger grasp of the material and enhance their critical thinking skills.
  • 2. Foster Creativity and Individuality: Create an environment that celebrates creativity and individual expression. Encourage Gen Z to explore their passions, experiment with different forms of self-expression, and embrace their unique identities. Provide resources and platforms that enable them to showcase their talents and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • 3. Promote Entrepreneurial Mindset: Support Gen Z in developing an entrepreneurial mindset by providing them with opportunities to learn about business, problem-solving, and innovation. Encourage them to take calculated risks, think outside the box, and pursue non-traditional career paths. By nurturing their autonomy and flexibility, we can empower them to create their own success stories.


Understanding Gen Z's preferences, aspirations, and digital behaviors is crucial in empowering this generation to thrive. By shifting from passive note-taking to active note-making, we can enhance their learning experience and foster critical thinking skills. Additionally, embracing platforms like TikTok allows Gen Z to express their creativity and individuality, while entrepreneurship provides them with the autonomy and flexibility they desire. By implementing the actionable advice mentioned above, we can support Gen Z in shaping their own future and making a positive impact in the world.

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