Metacognition: How to Think About Thinking and Read Your Substacks in Mailbrew


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Aug 12, 2023

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Metacognition: How to Think About Thinking and Read Your Substacks in Mailbrew


In today's fast-paced world, learning is a continuous process. However, simply cramming content inside your brain is not the most effective way to truly understand and retain information. Instead, you need to use metacognitive strategies to enhance your learning experience. Metacognition, put simply, is "thinking about thinking" or "knowing about knowing." It is one of the most powerful forms of self-monitoring and self-regulation. In this article, we will explore the concept of metacognition and how it can revolutionize the way you learn. Additionally, we will discuss a valuable tool called Mailbrew that allows you to conveniently read your Substack subscriptions.

Understanding Metacognition:

Metacognition can be divided into three main components: metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive regulation, and metacognitive experiences.

1. Metacognitive Knowledge:

Metacognitive knowledge refers to what you know about yourself and others in terms of thinking and learning processes. It involves understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a learner, as well as recognizing effective learning strategies. By developing metacognitive knowledge, you can tailor your approach to learning and optimize your study sessions.

2. Metacognitive Regulation:

Metacognitive regulation involves the activities and strategies you use to control your learning. It includes planning, monitoring, and evaluating your progress. Before you start learning something new, take a moment to plan your approach. Think about the appropriate learning strategies you will use, as well as how you will allocate your time and energy. While learning, stay aware of your progress and adjust your strategies accordingly. Once you have completed a chunk of information, evaluate how well you performed and re-evaluate the strategies you used.

3. Metacognitive Experiences:

Metacognitive experiences refer to the thoughts and feelings you have while studying and learning something. Pay attention to your emotions and thoughts during the learning process. If you find yourself getting distracted or overwhelmed, take a step back and reflect on the situation. By acknowledging and understanding your emotions, you can better manage them and maintain focus.

Reading Your Substacks in Mailbrew:

In addition to metacognition, there are also valuable tools available that can enhance your learning experience. One such tool is Mailbrew, which allows you to conveniently read your Substack subscriptions. Substack is a popular platform that hosts a wide range of newsletters on various topics. By subscribing to these newsletters, you can stay updated on the latest insights and analysis from experts in different fields.

Mailbrew takes this experience a step further by aggregating your Substack subscriptions and delivering them directly to your inbox. This eliminates the need to constantly check multiple newsletters or visit different websites. With Mailbrew, you can customize your preferences and receive a curated digest of your favorite Substacks at your preferred frequency.

Actionable Advice:

1. Embrace Metacognition:

To enhance your learning experience, start by incorporating metacognitive strategies into your study routine. Before diving into new material, take a moment to plan your approach. Consider the most effective learning strategies for the topic at hand and allocate your time and energy accordingly. Throughout your learning journey, stay aware of your progress and adapt your strategies as needed. Finally, reflect on your performance and evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen strategies.

2. Utilize Mailbrew for Efficient Reading:

To streamline your reading experience and stay updated on the latest insights, consider using Mailbrew to read your Substack subscriptions. By consolidating your favorite newsletters into one digest, Mailbrew saves you time and effort. Set your preferences, choose your preferred frequency, and enjoy a curated selection of valuable content delivered directly to your inbox.

3. Reflect on Your Learning Experiences:

Regularly reflect on your learning experiences to identify areas for improvement. Consider the metacognitive experiences you had during your study sessions. Were there any distractions or negative emotions that hindered your focus? By recognizing these barriers, you can take steps to address them and create a more productive learning environment.


Metacognition is a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way you learn. By understanding how you think and learn, you can optimize your study sessions and retain information more effectively. Additionally, tools like Mailbrew provide convenient solutions for staying updated on valuable content, such as Substack newsletters. By incorporating metacognitive strategies and utilizing tools like Mailbrew, you can enhance your learning experience and stay at the forefront of knowledge in your areas of interest.

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