The Power of Curation in Community Building and User Experience


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Sep 19, 2023

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The Power of Curation in Community Building and User Experience


Curating content in a community not only provides value to members but also offers immense benefits to community builders. By carefully selecting and organizing information, community curators gain a deeper understanding of their community and foster a sense of trust among members. This article explores the importance of curation in community building and its connection to user experience (UX) mental models.

The Value of Community Curation:

Community curation goes beyond creating a resource for members to access. It serves as an exercise that allows community builders to gain insights into the needs, preferences, and interests of their community. By curating content, community builders can learn and understand their community on a deeper level. This learning process often leads to the emergence of new ideas that can be shared with the community, further enriching the collective knowledge.

Connecting the Dots:

While a repository of curated content can be helpful, the true power of curation lies in the ability to connect the dots. Community curators have the opportunity to identify patterns, trends, and insights that may not be immediately apparent to individual members. By analyzing the curated content, they can uncover valuable connections and provide a more holistic understanding of a topic or issue. This ability to connect the dots is where curation becomes a strategic tool for community builders.

The Link Between Curation and User Experience:

In the realm of UX, mental models play a crucial role in how users perceive and interact with a product or service. A mental model is a user's belief or understanding of a system, such as a website. By understanding these mental models, UX designers can create interfaces that align with users' expectations and make the product more intuitive and user-friendly.

One key mental model is the tendency to follow the patterns of similar others in new or unfamiliar situations. This principle can be applied to community curation as well. When curating content, community builders can take inspiration from successful examples in their industry or niche. By incorporating proven patterns and strategies, they can enhance the user experience within their community.

Additionally, the mental model of loss aversion holds relevance to both curation and UX. People have a natural aversion to losing or letting go of what they already have, even if there may be better alternatives available. Understanding this principle can help community curators and UX designers frame their content or product offerings in a way that emphasizes the value and benefits of their curated content or product.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Get to know your community: To curate effectively, take the time to understand the needs, preferences, and interests of your community members. Engage with them through surveys, interviews, and discussions to gain deeper insights into what they find valuable.
  • 2. Focus on quality, not quantity: Instead of curating everything that comes your way, be selective and prioritize quality. Ask yourself if the content or information is truly valuable before saving or sharing it. By curating only the best, you maintain the trust and credibility of your community.
  • 3. Foster collaboration and participation: Encourage your community members to participate in the curation process. Create opportunities for them to contribute their insights, suggestions, and recommendations. This not only enhances the quality of the curated content but also fosters a sense of ownership and engagement within the community.


Community curation is a valuable practice that benefits both community builders and members. By curating content, community builders gain a deep understanding of their community and can provide valuable insights and connections. The principles of mental models in UX can also be applied to community curation, enhancing the user experience within the community. By following the actionable advice provided and embracing the power of curation, community builders can create a thriving and engaged community that offers immense value to its members.

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