"The Future of Content Curation: Safeguarding and Enhancing the Reading Experience"


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Sep 08, 2023

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"The Future of Content Curation: Safeguarding and Enhancing the Reading Experience"


Content curation and reading are integral parts of our digital lives. However, there are risks involved in both activities. Content curators face the challenge of preserving their collections in the face of platform shutdowns or acquisitions, while readers struggle with retaining and applying the knowledge gained from their reading experiences. In this article, we will explore the common points between these two realms and discuss the importance of safeguarding valuable content collections. Additionally, we will introduce Readwise, a reading app that aims to revolutionize the reading experience by addressing the issues of retention and content overload.

Preserving Curated Collections:

For content curators, the greatest risk lies in the potential loss of their curated collections. When a startup shuts down or is acquired, the curated content may be lost forever. Even with backups, transferring the information to a new platform can be time-consuming and challenging. To mitigate this risk, curators should prioritize using tools and platforms that offer backup and export options to major cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and iCloud. By curating directly on publishing platforms with a solid reputation and a large user base, curators can ensure that their collections remain accessible even if ownership changes.

The Need for Reliable Curation Tools:

Content curation startups need to recognize the importance of preserving users' valuable information. By engineering their tools to include export, backup, and save functionalities, these startups can instill trust and attract users who prioritize long-term accessibility and preservation. As new users increasingly demand safeguards against potential loss, it is crucial for content curation startups to prioritize these features in their development process.

Readwise: Enhancing the Reading Experience:

Readwise, a leading player in the content curation space, has taken a unique approach to improving the practice of reading. Recognizing the need to address retention issues, Readwise built its own reading app that focuses on fixing forgetting. By utilizing a local-first foundation, Readwise enables users to search their entire library of books, articles, annotations, and highlights with lightning speed, even offline. This feature ensures that users can easily retrieve information from their extensive reading collections, enhancing the overall reading experience.

Conquering Content Overload:

In today's digital age, content overload is a prevalent issue. Many of us save more things than we can actually consume, leading to overwhelming digital clutter. Readwise acknowledges this challenge and aims to help users conquer content overload. By providing a highlighting feature as a core component of their reading app, Readwise encourages users to engage with and take meaningful notes on the content they consume. This approach promotes active reading and improves retention, ultimately helping users get more out of their reading experiences.

Actionable Advice for Content Curators and Readers:

  • 1. Content Curators: Prioritize platforms and tools that offer reliable backup and export options. Safeguarding your curated collections should be a top priority.
  • 2. Content Curation Startups: Plan and engineer your tools with features that allow users to export, backup, and save their curated content. This will instill trust and attract users who value long-term accessibility.
  • 3. Readers: Utilize tools like Readwise that prioritize retention and provide features to help you actively engage with the content you consume. Take meaningful notes and highlights to enhance your reading experience and improve knowledge retention.


As content curation and reading continue to evolve, it is essential to address the risks and challenges faced by both curators and readers. By prioritizing the preservation of curated collections and utilizing tools that enhance the reading experience, we can ensure that valuable information is safeguarded and knowledge is effectively internalized. Whether you are a content curator or a passionate reader, the future of content curation lies in prioritizing long-term accessibility and actively engaging with the content we consume.

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