"The Intersection of AI and Mental Simulation: Unlocking New Frontiers"


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Sep 11, 2023

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"The Intersection of AI and Mental Simulation: Unlocking New Frontiers"


The early days of AI have ushered in a new era of technological advancements, marked by the emergence of LLMs, Transformers, and diffusion models. Rather than viewing these developments as a continuum with past AI capabilities, it is crucial to recognize the significant discontinuity they represent. This paradigm shift has created new market opportunities and enabled startups to compete with incumbents. As AI gains mainstream acceptance, it is evident that we are still far from reaching peak AI usage or hype. In this article, we will explore the different waves of AI and delve into the power of mental simulation in unlocking our brain's potential.

The Waves of AI:

In these early days of AI, we can identify at least four waves of progress. The first wave consists of companies that have embraced AI from the beginning, such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Character.AI, and Stable Diffusion. These pioneers have not only gained significant revenue but also generated user traction. The second wave includes early adopters and fast mid-market incumbents who have built startups on top of GPT-3.5/4, like Perplexity, Langchain, and Harvey. Simultaneously, a handful of founder-led multi-billion companies, including Navan, Notion, Quora, Replit, and Zapier, have quickly adopted AI-powered products. The third wave, expected to arrive soon, will witness the founding of new startups exploring innovative applications of AI, potentially incorporating voice and video in addition to natural language processing. Companies like Eleven Labs, LMNT, LFG Labs, and Braintrust are likely to contribute to this wave. Finally, the fourth wave, anticipated around 2024/2025, will see large enterprises adopting AI technologies, developing fully-fledged products instead of prototypes or demos.

The Einstein Technique:

Albert Einstein's approach to creativity provides valuable insights into harnessing the power of mental simulation. He believed that fantasy and imagination played a vital role in his creative process, often surpassing his talent for absorbing knowledge. By visualizing his ideas and conducting mental simulations, Einstein challenged prevailing theories and invented groundbreaking devices. Similarly, Nikola Tesla, known for his imaginative capabilities, conjured up entire worlds and societies in his mind. Science confirms that individuals with a strong theory of mind, the ability to understand others' perspectives, are more adept at predicting responses in various situations.

Actionable Advice:

To unlock our brain's potential using the Einstein Technique, we can follow these actionable steps:

1. Build a comprehensive mental model:

Develop a deep understanding of your field and create a mental model that encompasses its fundamental principles and workings. This model will serve as the foundation for your mental simulations.

2. Conduct mental simulations:

In your mind, simulate different scenarios and test the accuracy of your mental model. Explore various possibilities and observe the subtle gut instincts and emotions that arise during these simulations.

3. Validate your mental model in the real world:

Put your mental model to the test by applying it to real-world situations. Learn from the outcomes and refine your mental model based on the lessons you gather from these experiences.


The early days of AI present a remarkable opportunity to leverage mental simulation and AI capabilities for innovative problem-solving and breakthrough discoveries. By embracing mental models, conducting simulations, and validating our ideas in the real world, we can tap into our brain's innate potential. As we navigate the waves of AI, it is crucial to remember that rationality, logic, and cognitive biases are essential, but imagination and insight are equally vital in driving progress and innovation. So, let us embrace the power of mental simulation and AI to unlock new frontiers of knowledge and creativity.

(Note: The content provided in this article is an amalgamation of various sources and does not reference any specific source.)

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