The Power of Learning in Public and Building Hives: Unleashing Collective Intelligence


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Aug 28, 2023

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The Power of Learning in Public and Building Hives: Unleashing Collective Intelligence


In today's fast-paced world, where knowledge and connectivity are at our fingertips, it is vital to embrace a mindset of continuous learning and collaboration. This article explores two fascinating concepts: the power of learning in public and the evolution of networks into hives. By combining these ideas, we can unlock the potential of collective intelligence and accelerate our personal and professional growth.

Learning in Public:

"Learn In Public: The fastest way to learn" emphasizes the importance of sharing your learning journey with others. While many individuals choose to learn privately, lurking in online communities or relying on closed platforms, there is immense value in learning publicly. When you openly share your knowledge and ask questions, you invite others to support and collaborate with you. Genuine learners attract assistance and foster a spirit of camaraderie. Embrace the discomfort of feeling like an impostor, for it signifies that you are pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. Embrace the noobyness and wear it proudly on your sleeve.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the discomfort: Push yourself to learn in public by actively participating in platforms like Stackoverflow or Reddit. Be open to correction and feedback, as they are invaluable tools for growth.
  • 2. Create the resource you wish you had: Share your knowledge by creating content or tools that would have helped you in your learning journey. By doing so, you contribute to the collective knowledge base and empower future learners.
  • 3. Open source your knowledge: The act of open sourcing your knowledge not only benefits others but also solidifies your own understanding. By sharing your insights, you invite collaboration and create opportunities for improvement and innovation.

The Hive as the New Network:

"The Hive is the New Network" introduces the concept of building hives, where the focus is not merely on connectivity but on collective action and decision-making. Traditional networks may have vast numbers of connections, but the true value lies in having an opinion and taking action towards a common goal. The analogy of bees showcases the power of collective intelligence. A swarm of bees can make complex decisions with remarkable efficiency, demonstrating how a vast collection of individuals can evaluate inputs intelligently.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Foster strong ties within your network: Instead of striving for a large number of connections, focus on building meaningful relationships with a select group of individuals who share your values and goals. Strong ties enable deeper collaboration and a stronger hive.
  • 2. Embrace diversity within the hive: Just as bees in a hive possess different roles and strengths, encourage diversity within your network. Embracing different perspectives and expertise fosters creativity and innovation.
  • 3. Reduce friction and increase interaction: To transform a network into a hive, it is crucial to minimize barriers and friction between nodes. By creating seamless and efficient communication channels, you accelerate the flow of information and enable real-time collaboration.


By combining the power of learning in public with the transformative potential of building hives, we can tap into the collective intelligence of communities and accelerate our learning and growth. Embrace the discomfort, share your knowledge openly, and actively participate in networks that foster collaboration. By doing so, you contribute to the hive and unleash the power of collective action. Remember, the true value lies not in the size of the network but in the collective efforts and shared goals of the hive.

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