Engineering Considerations for Product Managers: Connecting Real-Time Requirements and Product Vision Statements

Aviral Vaid

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Aug 09, 2023

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Engineering Considerations for Product Managers: Connecting Real-Time Requirements and Product Vision Statements

In the world of product management, there are various factors that product managers need to consider. Two key aspects that often come into play are engineering considerations and the creation of a product vision statement. While these may seem like separate entities, there are common points between them that can greatly influence the success of a product.

Real-time requirements are one such common point. Product managers need to ask themselves if the results of their algorithms can be calculated in advance or if they need to be calculated in real time. This consideration is crucial as it affects the overall performance and efficiency of the product. Real-time requirements complicate data collection methods, as the data needs to be collected either in batch or on a continuous basis. Product managers must also determine if the data should be pushed or pulled. These decisions impact the design of pipelines and the storage method chosen.

Data and model dependencies are another aspect that connects engineering considerations and product vision statements. When data is added or modified, product managers must identify which models need to be re-run or re-trained. The speed at which these updates happen should also align with acceptable service level agreements (SLAs). This intersection between engineering and product management requires a deep understanding of the product's value proposition and the overall strategy of the company.

Speaking of value proposition, a product vision statement plays a crucial role in inspiring team members and aligning their efforts. A product vision statement should link back to the product's overall value proposition. It serves as a way to clearly articulate why the product exists and why team members should invest their time and energy into building it. When crafting a product vision statement, it is important to consider the company's strategic vision and ensure alignment between the two.

To link a vision statement to the value proposition, product managers should identify the fundamental parts of the product's value proposition. What aspects of the product provide value to customers? What do customers pay for and why is it valuable? Distilling the product's value proposition into something concise and accessible helps to create a strong vision statement.

Now that we have explored the connections between engineering considerations and product vision statements, let's delve into actionable advice for product managers:

  • 1. Understand the technical implications of your product vision: As a product manager, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the engineering requirements and considerations for your product. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions and effectively communicate with the engineering team.
  • 2. Collaborate closely with engineers: Building a successful product requires close collaboration between product managers and engineers. By working together, you can ensure that the engineering considerations are taken into account while crafting a compelling product vision statement.
  • 3. Continuously review and adapt: Both engineering considerations and product vision statements are not set in stone. It is important to continuously review and adapt these aspects as the product evolves. Regularly reassessing real-time requirements and aligning the vision statement with the value proposition will help keep the product on track.

In conclusion, engineering considerations and product vision statements are interconnected in the world of product management. Understanding the real-time requirements and data dependencies is crucial for creating a successful product. By linking the vision statement to the product's value proposition and collaborating closely with engineers, product managers can navigate these considerations and inspire their teams to build remarkable products. Continuously reviewing and adapting these aspects will ensure the product's long-term success.

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