The Power of Measurement and Understanding Human Thinking

Aviral Vaid

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Sep 27, 2023

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The Power of Measurement and Understanding Human Thinking


In today's complex world, measurement has become the norm. It has replaced intuition, fostered trust, and simplified the understanding of complex systems. From technical to human systems, measurements allow us to make effective rules and manage these systems more efficiently. However, as we delve into the world of measurement, we must also recognize the importance of understanding how people think. This article explores the intricacies of measurement, the tricks of human thinking, and provides actionable advice to navigate these realms.

The Value and Pitfalls of Measurement:

Measurement replaces intuition, which can often be fallible. It replaces trust, which is often misplaced. It also simplifies complexity, which can be irreducible. By using intuitive, trustworthy, and simple metrics, faulty intuition, untrusted partners, and complex systems can be better understood. Overall, metrics have improved the world by allowing us to use measures to create effective rules. However, it is essential to remember that when a measure becomes a metric, it may no longer be a good measure. Therefore, constant evaluation and adaptation are necessary.

Understanding Human Thinking:

Human thinking is influenced by various factors such as tribes, emotions, and the gap between outsider and firsthand experiences. Tribes exist in various forms, shaping our beliefs, preferences, and actions. Moreover, the information we are exposed to tends to be a highlight reel, creating a skewed perception of reality. The idea that something can be likely and not happen, or unlikely and still happen, is a crucial aspect of human thinking. Good times can lead to complacency, while bad times can ignite problem-solving. Emotions play a significant role in decision-making, and they cannot be predicted by formulas. Jealousy, for example, is often misguided because we only see certain parts of someone's life that we may envy. To truly understand someone's perspective, we must consider their experiences and the information they have.

The Power of Simplicity and Complexity:

Complexity often sells better, as it gives the impression of control. Simplicity, on the other hand, can be mistaken for cluelessness. However, simplicity can be a powerful tool if utilized effectively. Efficient lives may seem desirable, but they leave little room for exploration and productive forms of thought. The key is to find a balance between simplicity and complexity, recognizing the value of both. Solutions to problems can be shockingly simple, but getting people to follow simple advice can be astoundingly difficult. It is important to consider the optimal amount of hassle and nonsense one should tolerate to achieve success while navigating a messy and imperfect world.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace measurement but remain vigilant: Utilize metrics to improve decision-making, but regularly evaluate their effectiveness and adapt as needed.
  • 2. Challenge your assumptions: Recognize that your perspective is influenced by your experiences and seek to understand others' viewpoints.
  • 3. Find the balance between simplicity and complexity: Embrace the power of simplicity, but also recognize the value of complexity when appropriate.


Measurement and understanding human thinking are intertwined in our quest for progress and success. While measurement provides valuable insights, it is crucial to recognize the limitations and pitfalls that come with it. Similarly, understanding human thinking helps us navigate the complexities of the world and make better decisions. By embracing measurement, challenging our assumptions, and finding the optimal balance between simplicity and complexity, we can navigate these realms more effectively and achieve extraordinary results. So, let us embrace the power of measurement and unlock the potential of human thinking in our journey towards growth and success.

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