Product Management and the Human Experience

Aviral Vaid

Hatched by Aviral Vaid

Jun 25, 2023

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Product Management and the Human Experience

As we walk through life, we come to realize that our experiences and emotions shape our understanding of the world around us. This is especially true in the field of product management, where the human experience is at the forefront of every decision. In fact, as many experts have noted, product management is more of a human science than a computer science.

When we consider the role of a product manager, we see that their job is to understand the needs and desires of their customers. This requires empathy and an ability to connect with people on a personal level. As we know, people are complex and often unpredictable, which means that product managers must be able to navigate the various emotional states of their customers. This requires a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology, something that cannot be learned from a computer program.

In a recent video, a man chronicled his 12-hour walk through the city, sharing his thoughts and experiences along the way. While this may seem unrelated to product management at first, it actually provides some valuable insights. As the man walked through different neighborhoods and encountered various people, he was able to gain a deeper understanding of the city and its inhabitants. He was able to see things from their perspective and empathize with their struggles and successes.

Similarly, product managers must be able to walk in the shoes of their customers, seeing the world through their eyes and understanding their unique challenges. This requires a willingness to listen and to learn, as well as a deep appreciation for the human experience. By doing so, product managers can create products that truly meet the needs of their customers, rather than simply guessing what they want.

In conclusion, product management is more than just a technical field. It is a deeply human one, requiring a combination of empathy, psychology, and creativity. By understanding the human experience, product managers can create products that truly resonate with their customers, enhancing their lives in meaningful ways. So, let us continue to walk through life with open hearts and minds, ready to learn from each other and create something truly remarkable.

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