Navigating the Complexity of Work: Finding Comfort in Being Lost

Aviral Vaid

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Oct 26, 2023

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Navigating the Complexity of Work: Finding Comfort in Being Lost


Many people believe that improving their relationship with work revolves around finding the right job, pursuing side hustles, or seeking better pay. However, there is a deeper challenge that lies within - the ability to feel comfortable being lost. In this article, we will explore the concept of being lost in the context of work and how it can lead to personal growth and professional success. Additionally, we will delve into the importance of influence in achieving desired outcomes and provide actionable advice for both managers and individuals to enhance their ability to influence effectively.

Embracing the Unknown:

"The Looking Glass: the biggest reasons I failed to influence" highlights the illusion of freedom in decision-making, even at the highest levels of work. While we may have the authority to make decisions, the reality is that collaboration and the need to influence others often play a significant role in achieving our desired outcomes. Influence is like a shadow that grows and becomes an integral part of the job. It is not enough to be right; we must be able to articulate and convince others why they should agree with us.

The Power of Storytelling:

Great managers understand the power of storytelling in influencing others. By weaving a compelling narrative that is easy to retell, they can effectively communicate their ideas and gain the support of their team. They recognize that good ideas can come from various sources, such as clients, salespeople, team members, advisors, or even other companies. Reflecting on past unsuccessful endeavors allows for future trust and collective learning.

Actionable Advice:

1. Advisor Mindset: Influence Frameworks and Principles:

Influence the decision-making frameworks and principles of those you work with. By understanding their perspectives and aligning your ideas with their existing beliefs, you can create a stronger foundation for influence.

2. Solver Mindset: Prove the Positive Impact:

When trying to influence others, focus on showcasing the positive impact of making a particular decision. Provide evidence, data, and examples to support your argument, demonstrating how the proposed solution can benefit everyone involved.

3. Balance the Mindsets:

Recognize that different contexts require different mindsets. As a manager, aim for an 80%+ advisor mindset with your reports, empowering them to make decisions while reducing the burden on yourself. As a report, aim for an 80%+ solver's mindset with your manager, taking on more decision-making responsibilities to support their leadership.


Improving our relationship with work goes beyond finding the perfect job or pursuing external factors. It involves embracing the discomfort of being lost and learning to navigate through uncertainty. Additionally, the ability to influence others is crucial in achieving desired outcomes. By adopting an advisor mindset, understanding the power of storytelling, and balancing solver and advisor mindsets in the appropriate contexts, we can enhance our influence and create a more fulfilling and successful work environment.

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