Top 20 MacBook Tips for Productivity! | Summary and Q&A

February 22, 2022
Jeff Su
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Top 20 MacBook Tips for Productivity!


Learn how to make settings changes and utilize tips to optimize your MacBook productivity, including customizing Finder preferences, organizing the dock, utilizing keyboard shortcuts, and recording your iPhone screen.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Customizing Finder preferences, such as enabling path and status bars and selecting default apps, can significantly improve workflow efficiency.
  • 🤩 Utilizing options like holding the option key and using right-click shortcuts provides additional productivity enhancements.
  • 🪈 Recording iPhone screens on a MacBook using Quicktime Player is a useful feature for virtual meetings and product demos.
  • 👻 Using extensions like Scribe allows for creating high-quality tutorials and step-by-step guides in various environments.
  • 📁 Optimizing image files using Preview, such as reducing file size or converting to different formats, is an essential skill for file management.
  • 💁 Checking warranty and support status when selling or buying a MacBook can provide helpful information and ensure a smooth transaction.
  • 🎹 Understanding keyboard shortcuts, such as using the function key for PC-like delete or accessing accented characters, enhances typing efficiency.


you know when you're trying to open a file on your macbook and you remember you're only supposed to open it with another app like so well to never waste time doing that ever again with the file selected press command i open up this window here under open with select the default app you want to use moving forward and press change all pretty simple r... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How can I customize my Finder preferences to improve my workflow?

To customize Finder preferences, go to View and enable the path and status bars for better file management. You can also uncheck irrelevant options, such as opening folders in tabs and showing recent folders.

Q: Are there any shortcut key combinations for increasing productivity on a MacBook?

Yes, holding down the option key while performing certain actions can provide additional options. For example, holding option while right-clicking on a file allows you to select "Always Open With" and holding option while clicking on a folder expands all child folders immediately.

Q: How can I record my iPhone screen on my MacBook?

Connect your iPhone to your MacBook using a cable and open Quicktime Player. Go to File, select New Movie Recording, and choose your iPhone screen as the recording source. This allows you to record your iPhone directly on your MacBook.

Q: How can I optimize image files using Preview on a MacBook?

Open an image in Preview, click on Markup, then Edit Size. Adjust the width or height to decrease the file size, maintaining the proportions. You can save the optimized image by pressing Command + S.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Make settings changes in Macbook to permanently speed up your workflow, such as selecting default apps, enabling path and status bars in Finder, and customizing sidebar options.

  • Utilize tips and tricks for increased productivity, including repositioning the dock, creating download alias folders, using option key shortcuts, and accessing the hidden library folder.

  • Record your iPhone screen on your Macbook using Quicktime Player, utilize the Scribe extension for creating tutorials, and optimize image files using Preview.

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