Nov 2, 2012 Motley Fool Money Radio Show | Summary and Q&A

November 2, 2012
The Motley Fool
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Nov 2, 2012 Motley Fool Money Radio Show


Hurricane Sandy causes market closure, insurance companies impacted, Starbucks beats earnings, Apple pushes out senior executives, Disney acquires Lucasfilm, and TripAdvisor and Priceline report strong earnings.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 Insurance companies will face a significant financial impact from Hurricane Sandy.
  • ❓ Starbucks successfully implemented promotional strategies to boost sales.
  • 🖤 Apple's decision to push out executives may be a result of recent product failures and lack of originality.
  • 🎁 Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm presents various growth opportunities.
  • 💪 TripAdvisor and Priceline reported strong earnings due to increased traffic and robust European business.

Questions & Answers

Q: How will insurance companies be affected by Hurricane Sandy?

Insurance companies will face a significant number of claims due to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. While they have reserved funds for such events, the amount of claims could impact their profitability.

Q: What were the primary reasons for Starbucks' strong performance in the fourth quarter?

Starbucks implemented promotional strategies, including afternoon discounts and a successful Living Social campaign, to improve same store sales. Additionally, their performance in China and Asia Pacific markets contributed to their success.

Q: Why did Apple push out two top executives?

Scott Forall and John Brow were asked to leave Apple after Forall refused to sign a letter apologizing for the company's new mapping service. This decision may have been influenced by Apple's recent product failures and unoriginal innovations.

Q: How will Disney benefit from acquiring Lucasfilm?

Disney plans to release new Star Wars movies every year or two, which will generate substantial revenue. The company's global reach, branding, and cross-promotion opportunities will enhance the franchise's profitability.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Hurricane Sandy causes massive damage in the Northeast United States, estimated to cost around $50 billion.

  • Insurance companies will be heavily impacted by the claims resulting from the storm.

  • Starbucks reports record fourth quarter revenue and strong same store sales.

  • Apple surprises the market by pushing out two top executives, Scott Forall and John Brow.

  • Disney acquires Lucasfilm for $4 billion in cash and stock.

  • TripAdvisor and Priceline beat earnings expectations with strong revenue growth.

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