Stefan Sagmeister: Designing with slogans | Summary and Q&A

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Stefan Sagmeister: Designing with slogans


Graphic designer showcases various projects, including inflatable monkeys, steam messages, and billboards, all conveying meaningful messages about life, happiness, and social issues.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does the speaker use design to convey important messages?

The speaker utilizes graphic design projects to express meaningful messages by creating installations such as inflatable monkeys, temporary steam messages, billboards, and unexpected wraps on buildings. These projects aim to provoke thought and engage the public with impactful visual communication.

Q: What is the significance of the inflatable monkeys in Scotland?

The inflatable monkeys in Scotland represent the inherent human tendency to believe that one's own perspective is always correct. By placing these monkeys throughout different cities, the designer visually conveys the message that considering other viewpoints is essential for a harmonious society and fruitful discussions.

Q: Can you explain the concept behind the steamed-up windows and messages written by renowned designers?

The steamed-up windows project involved permanently steaming up windows and having different designers write meaningful messages on them every hour. This project aimed to involve the design community and encourage them to share their learnings and insights. By using steam, the messages were ephemeral, emphasizing the importance of seizing the moment to express oneself.

Q: How did the mishap with the magazine subscription lead to a unique opportunity?

The mishap occurred when the printer lost the file for an advertisement saying, "Money does not make me happy." When the subscription arrived, it contained 12 following pages, mistakenly saying, "Money does does make me happy." However, a friend of the designer capitalized on this situation by persuading a casino owner to allow them to wrap his building, ultimately showcasing the correct message: "Money does not make me happy." This turned a printing error into an impactful public installation.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker shares various graphic design projects inspired by meaningful messages, such as inflatable monkeys symbolizing differing perspectives and a projection that engages viewers.

  • The projects are commissioned by clients due to the high costs involved, but they allow the designer to create impactful installations in public spaces.

  • Other projects include temporary steam messages written by renowned designers, a large billboard with a fading message, and a magazine mishap turned opportunity to wrap a casino building with thought-provoking quotes.

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