Penguin Prof: Full Disclosure | Summary and Q&A

August 20, 2019
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Penguin Prof: Full Disclosure


Biology professor Valerie Pennington, known as Penguin Prof, shares her true identity and reflects on her personal journey as a breast cancer survivor. She discusses her travels, teaching career, and upcoming videos.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did Penguin Prof decide on her channel name?

Penguin Prof explains that she chose the name years ago when she couldn't predict the direction of her YouTube channel. She wanted a unique and memorable name.

Q: What inspired Penguin Prof to start her YouTube channel?

Penguin Prof shares that her own students' requests motivated her to create the channel. She wanted to provide educational resources outside the classroom and help more students succeed.

Q: How has breast cancer influenced Penguin Prof's life?

Penguin Prof opens up about being a two-time breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed on her 30th birthday. She expresses immense gratitude for reaching her 50th birthday and emphasizes the importance of honoring her journey.

Q: What can viewers expect from Penguin Prof's upcoming videos?

Penguin Prof teases three upcoming videos. The first one will discuss how to kickstart the semester or academic year, maintain motivation, and avoid burnout. There will also be a chemistry video and other exciting content.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Penguin Prof reveals her true identity as biology professor Valerie Pennington and debunks the notion of someone behind the scenes writing her scripts.

  • She discusses her motivation to start her YouTube channel, which stemmed from requests from her own students.

  • Penguin Prof highlights her eventful year, including celebrating her 50th birthday as a two-time breast cancer survivor, traveling to spiritual places like Thailand and Cambodia, and being involved in the completion of a $90 million science building at Southwestern College.

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