Panzer Crewman (World War II) | Summary and Q&A

July 25, 2017
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Panzer Crewman (World War II)


German Panzer crews played a crucial role in World War II, using their skill and well-trained tactics to achieve victories despite being outnumbered by their enemies.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did German Panzer crews contribute to Germany's success in World War II?

German Panzer crews played a vital role in Germany's success in the war by using their skills, well-trained tactics, and the blitzkrieg tactic to achieve victories, even when outnumbered by the enemy.

Q: What were some of the notable tank battles involving German Panzer crews?

One of the largest tank battles was the Kursk salient in 1943, where German Panzer crews faced off against the Red Army. Despite facing difficulties and mechanical breakdowns, the tank crews fought for eight hours and displayed resilience.

Q: What equipment and uniforms did German Panzer crews have?

German Panzer crews wore close-fitting black uniforms known as panzer wraps, along with a beret or black field cap. They were equipped with pistols such as the Luger, P38, or Walther PPK, as well as a headset and throat microphone. They also carried hand grenades inside the tank.

Q: How did German Panzer crews fare against Allied tanks?

On the Western Front, German Panzer crews, operating powerful tanks like the Tiger and Panther, could devastate enemy tanks, even when outnumbered. However, on the Eastern Front, they faced frequent engineering breakdowns, especially during harsh winters.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • In the early stages of World War II, Germany had fewer armored vehicles than their enemies, but their highly skilled and well-trained Panzer crews helped them achieve victories.

  • General Heinz Guderian developed the blitzkrieg tactic, which involved using motorized Panzer divisions, and this tactic was successful during the invasions of Poland, France, and Operation Barbarossa.

  • German Panzer crews successfully outmaneuvered their British opponents in North Africa under Rommel's command, but were eventually pushed back.

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