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June 8, 2016
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Rohit Gupta


Bio banking involves collecting and storing various bio samples for future research purposes, aiding in precision health and advancing scientific breakthroughs.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is bio banking and why is it gaining attention?

Bio banking is the collection and storage of bio samples from human subjects for long-term research. It is gaining attention due to its role in precision health and its ability to provide comprehensive data for scientific advancements.

Q: What types of samples are collected in bio banking?

Bio banks collect various samples, including biofluids, blood, tissue, and tumors. These samples capture different aspects of human biology and contribute to a holistic understanding of health and disease.

Q: Who contributes to bio banks financially?

While there is some contribution from research institutions, bio banking is now supported by major organizations like the NIH, patient advocacy groups, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical companies. They recognize the value and potential of these bio banks.

Q: Why is cataloging and studying the samples important?

Cataloging and studying the samples is crucial because technology and research methods are constantly evolving. Without well-curated samples, it would be challenging to validate new technologies or drive scientific progress.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Bio banking is a rapidly growing field in the life sciences, focused on acquiring and cataloging bio samples from human subjects alongside clinical data for long-term study.

  • These samples include biofluids, blood, tissue, and tumors, and are strategically stored to meet the needs of scientific research and clinical translation.

  • The importance of bio banks lies in their contribution to advancing technology and validating new methodologies through the availability of diverse and well-curated samples.

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