NVIDIA Executive Keynote | COMPUTEX 2021 | Summary and Q&A

June 1, 2021
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NVIDIA Executive Keynote | COMPUTEX 2021


Nvidia discusses the rapid growth of gaming and the transformative power of AI, highlighting the launch of their new flagship gaming GPU, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, and their efforts to democratize AI through hardware and software advancements.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How has gaming transformed into a major form of entertainment?

Gaming has surged in popularity, with Gen Z considering it their favorite entertainment activity. In Taiwan, two-thirds of the population plays video games, leading gaming revenue to exceed cinema, music, and streaming video revenue combined.

Q: How has Nvidia contributed to the growth of PC gaming?

Nvidia has introduced various innovations to enhance gaming experiences, such as optimus, which extends battery life in gaming laptops, and Max-Q, which brings high performance to thin and light laptops. G-Sync has provided stutter-free gaming with smooth visuals, while Reflex has reduced system latency for esports competitors.

Q: How has Nvidia revolutionized computer graphics?

The RTX series introduced real-time ray tracing and AI for graphics, setting a new standard in computer graphics. With a wide range of games and applications available, RTX has powered the number one photography, video editing, and battle royale applications.

Q: What new products were announced at Computex 2021?

Nvidia unveiled the flagship gaming GPU, GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, offering powerful performance and real-time ray tracing. They also introduced the RTX 3070 Ti for enhanced gaming experiences. Additionally, collaborations with game developers were announced, bringing RTX and DLSS to games like Doom Eternal, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Gaming has become one of the largest and fastest-growing forms of entertainment, with gaming revenue surpassing that of cinema, music, and streaming video combined.

  • Nvidia has played a significant role in the growth of PC gaming, introducing innovations such as optimus, Max-Q, G-Sync, and Reflex to enhance gaming experiences.

  • Nvidia Studio has provided a platform for creators, while the RTX series has revolutionized computer graphics with real-time ray tracing and AI.

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