I Ate The World's Best Pizza | Summary and Q&A

November 11, 2023
Nick DiGiovanni
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I Ate The World's Best Pizza


An exploration of various pizza spots, from Costco's budget slice to the world's most expensive pizza, showcasing different styles and ingredients.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What makes Costco's pizza so popular?

According to the video, Costco's pizza is favored for its consistent quality, with a robot machine ensuring perfect sauce distribution, and the fact that it is one of the largest pizza chains in the US. Additionally, its budget-friendly price contributes to its popularity.

Q: How is grilled pizza different from traditional pizza?

Grilled pizza, as showcased at Al Forno, offers a unique flavor profile and texture compared to traditional pizza. It is cooked on an open flame, which imparts a smoky flavor, and the toppings, such as scallions, are placed differently. The crust is thin, chewy, and crispy.

Q: What sets Frank Pepe's pizza apart from others?

Frank Pepe's is known for its coal-fired pizza, which results in a crispy crust with a unique flavor. The custom 100,000 pound coal fire brick oven is a key element in their pizza-making process, and it contributes to their status as one of the top pizza places in America.

Q: What makes Industry Kitchen's pizza the most expensive?

Industry Kitchen's pizza is crowned the most expensive due to its use of luxurious ingredients. The pizza includes foie gras, caviar, and 24 karat gold, making it a decadent and extravagant dining experience.

Q: Why is I Masanielli considered the best pizza in the world?

I Masanielli, ranked number one by a panel of judges, is praised for its soft and light crust. The video highlights the craftsmanship of the chef and the use of high-quality ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video features a comparison of different pizza spots, starting with Costco and then moving on to a 100-year-old oven in New York city, grilled pizza in Rhode Island, Frank Pepe's in New Haven, Connecticut, a renowned pizzeria in Brooklyn, and finally, the number one rated pizzeria in the world, I Masanielli in Italy.

  • Each pizza spot offers unique qualities, such as budget-friendly slices at Costco, grilled pizza with complex flavors at Al Forno, coal-fired pizza at Frank Pepe's, and a variety of toppings including gold and caviar at Industry Kitchen.

  • The final pizza at I Masanielli is praised for its soft and light crust and is considered the best by the narrator.

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