Tasting Rare Snacks and Drinks | Summary and Q&A

June 2, 2021
Nick DiGiovanni
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Tasting Rare Snacks and Drinks


In this video, Nick tries a variety of rare snacks from different countries, including unique chip flavors, international candy, and specialty beverages.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What are some examples of the unique chip flavors Nick tries in the video?

Some of the unique chip flavors include poppy seed Doritos, yogurt and herbs Lay's chips, cucumber-flavored Lay's chips, and churro Cheetos.

Q: How does Nick describe the taste of the different snacks?

Nick describes the taste of the Skittles cookies as sweet and crunchy. He finds the yogurt Lay's chips to taste like sour cream and onion, while the poppy seed Doritos have a distinct poppy seed flavor. The sea salt and black pepper Lay's chips are well-seasoned, and the nacho cheesier Doritos taste similar to regular nacho cheese chips. The cucumber-flavored Lay's chips have a sweet and cooling flavor with a strange mouthfeel. The Kit Kat popcorn bar has a true popcorn flavor, while the caramel Twix bar tastes like a regular Twix but with an extra caramel layer. The Butterfinger popcorn has a good mixture of butterfinger and popcorn flavors.

Q: How does Nick feel about the drinks he tries?

Nick finds the mango Fanta to be artificial and too sweet. The strawberry and kiwi Fanta has a good flavor, but he wishes it had more kiwi taste. He enjoys the strawberry Fanta and thinks it tastes like strawberry. The dragon fruit Fanta is disappointing and lacks flavor. The white peach Fanta tastes like artificial peach. The Snickers drink tastes exactly like a blended Snickers bar, while the Mars drink simply tastes like chocolate milk.

Q: Which snacks does Nick consider his favorites?

Nick enjoys the Lay's sea salt and black pepper chips, churro Cheetos, Kit Kat popcorn bar, Butterfinger popcorn, milkshake Mike and Ike, and the caramel and white chocolate Twix bar.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Nick has gathered rare snacks from around the world, including Skittles cookies, exotic Doritos flavors, Cheetos mac and cheese, and international beverages like Strawberry Fanta and root beer float Mentos.

  • He tries and reviews each snack, giving his thoughts on the flavors, textures, and overall taste.

  • Nick also announces the winners of a giveaway for a three Michelin star dinner experience, congratulating Nathan and Madison for their heartfelt stories and sharing their excitement for the upcoming meals.

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