Defining the Humanities: Medical Humanities | Summary and Q&A

May 17, 2016
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Defining the Humanities: Medical Humanities


Medicine and humanities intersect through the study and analysis of literature and policy, providing insights into medical ethics, global health, and care.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the significance of incorporating humanistic inquiry into healthcare professions?

Incorporating humanistic inquiry into healthcare professions allows for critical thinking, challenging assumptions, and incorporating diverse perspectives. This leads to a more comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care.

Q: How does medical humanities contribute to the understanding of medicine and disease?

Medical humanities, through the study of literature and policy, provides insights into ethical issues, the formation of medical fields, and the historical context of medical practices. It helps healthcare professionals gain a deeper understanding of medicine and disease beyond the scientific perspective.

Q: How does the analysis of novels and policy declarations contribute to medical knowledge?

Analyzing novels and policy declarations helps uncover metaphors, tropes, and rhetorical devices used by physicians and policymakers to argue for different fields of medical intervention. It contributes to the formation and understanding of medical knowledge, including Global health and world literature.

Q: Why should healthcare professionals consider historical research and language in their practice?

Historical research and attention to language allow healthcare professionals to critically analyze their own methods of caring and become more aware of the complexities of human existence. It provides a more comprehensive understanding of patient care and allows for a more empathetic approach.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker discusses the importance of critical thinking and incorporating diverse perspectives in humanistic inquiry within healthcare professions.

  • Medical Humanities is a field that encompasses the study of medicine, humanistic inquiry, and expression, including literature and policy making.

  • The speaker examines the differences and commonalities between the thinking processes of policymakers and novelists when addressing medical and ethical issues.

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