WWII Tanks: Sherman Tank | Summary and Q&A

July 6, 2018
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WWII Tanks: Sherman Tank


The M4 Sherman tank, widely used in World War II, had a lower hull and suspension similar to the M3 Lee, but with a refined design and improved armor. Its armament included a 75mm main gun and multiple machine guns.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What was the inspiration behind the design of the M4 Sherman tank?

The M4 Sherman tank was inspired by the panic caused by German tank developments and victories in Europe, resulting in the rushed design of the M3 Lee as a stopgap solution.

Q: What were the main features of the M4 Sherman tank's armament?

The Sherman tank was armed with a 75mm main gun, a coaxial 30 Cal machine gun, a 30 Cal machine gun in the hull, and a browning 50 Cal machine gun for anti-air and anti-personnel defense.

Q: How did the M4 Sherman tank fare against German tanks?

The Sherman tank found an equal adversary in early German tanks but was outclassed by heavily armored tanks like the Tiger and Panther. It struggled to penetrate their armor and often required superior numbers to take them out.

Q: What modifications were made to the Sherman tank to enhance its anti-tank capabilities?

While some Sherman tanks were fitted with a 76mm gun or a 105mm howitzer, the true anti-tank answer was the British Sherman Firefly, which had a QF 17 pounder gun in the turret.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The M4 Sherman tank was one of the most recognizable tanks from World War II and was used by various Allied forces.

  • It was named after American Civil War General William T. Sherman and was designed as a refined version of the M3 Lee tank.

  • The Sherman tank had improved armor thickness, good speed, and was praised for its ease of maintenance on the battlefield.

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