DANGEROUS Jungle Spider! | Summary and Q&A

October 18, 2017
Brave Wilderness
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DANGEROUS Jungle Spider!


In the Costa Rican rainforest, the Brave Wilderness crew encounters venomous snakes and toxic spiders while searching for the elusive wandering spider.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How dangerous is the wandering spider?

The wandering spider is one of the most dangerous arachnids, known for its potent venom and aggressive behavior. Its bite can cause severe pain and potentially life-threatening symptoms, making it a species to be avoided.

Q: How does the wandering spider defend itself?

When threatened, the wandering spider raises its front legs and displays its red-colored underbelly as a warning to predators. It can also bite using its large fangs and venom-filled sacs, which can deliver a highly toxic dose of venom.

Q: How do people usually come across the wandering spider?

The wandering spider is primarily nocturnal, hiding during the day. However, it can be found in residential areas, often seeking shelter in shoes, bedsheets, or other hiding spots. People can unknowingly encounter the spider when they come into contact with its hiding places.

Q: What precautions should people take to avoid encounters with wandering spiders?

To avoid encounters with wandering spiders, it is recommended to check shoes, boots, and other potential hiding spots before putting them on. Precautions should also be taken to keep your living space clean and free from clutter where spiders may seek refuge.

Q: Can the wandering spider jump?

Yes, the wandering spider is capable of jumping. This makes it even more intimidating because it can quickly leap towards potential threats or prey. Its jumping ability adds to its reputation as a dangerous and unpredictable predator in the rainforest.

Q: Are there different types of wandering spiders?

Yes, the wandering spider is a general term for spiders that crawl around the rainforest floor. There are eight cataloged species of Brazilian wandering spiders, including the Costa Rican variety. Each species may have slightly different characteristics and venom potency.

Q: What is the size of a full-grown wandering spider?

A full-grown wandering spider can reach about six inches in diameter. The captured spider in the episode measured approximately four inches, providing a reference for its relatively large size. Its intimidating size contributes to its status as a formidable predator in its ecosystem.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The Brave Wilderness crew explores the Costa Rican rainforest in search of dangerous arachnids, encountering venomous snakes, including the fer-de-lance pit viper.

  • They come across a variety of spiders, including a fishing spider and a bark scorpion, but their main target is the wandering spider.

  • After a nerve-wracking catch, they capture a wandering spider and explain its venomous nature, urging caution when encountering this species.

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