Prime Movers of Globalization: The History and Impact of Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines

By Vaclav Smil
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"Prime Movers of Globalization" by Vaclav Smil offers a comprehensive examination of the forces that have driven globalization and shaped our interconnected world. With his signature approach, Smil breaks down complex phenomena into digestible explanations, exploring the historical, technological, economic, and cultural factors that have propelled globalization forward.

From ancient trade routes and the rise of empires to the advent of steamships and modern telecommunications, Smil delves into the key catalysts behind the expansion of global networks. He analyzes the immense impact of transportation technologies, such as railways, container ships, and aviation, in connecting distant corners of the world and revolutionizing trade and travel.

Moreover, Smil explores the intertwined roles of energy systems and industrial production in propelling globalization. By dissecting the growth of fossil fuel utilization, he illuminates its link to expanding economies, resource extraction, and the significant environmental implications that follow.

In addition, the book delves into the rise of digital communication technologies, including the internet and wireless networks, as transformative forces behind the ongoing globalization process. Smil explains how these advancements have enabled unprecedented levels of connectivity, information sharing, and the emergence of virtual globalization.

Through an interdisciplinary lens, Smil also investigates the cultural and social dynamics that have shaped globalization. He explores the diffusion of knowledge, ideas, and cultural practices, as well as the profound impact of migration and cultural exchange, blurred national boundaries, and the proliferation of global languages.

In "Prime Movers of Globalization," Vaclav Smil synthesizes a vast range of historical and contemporary evidence to provide a clear and concise analysis of the prime movers behind globalization. This book serves as an essential resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the interconnected world we inhabit, the remarkable forces that have shaped it, and the future implications of these ongoing processes.
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