Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Nationalist Uprising

By Joshua Green
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"Devil's Bargain" by Joshua Green offers a gripping and revealing account of the unlikely alliance between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon that reshaped American politics. Drawing on wide-ranging interviews and deep research, Green provides an inside look into the rise of Trump's presidential campaign and the strategic machinations of Bannon, the controversial figure who became Trump's chief strategist.

The book delves into Bannon's background as a self-proclaimed Leninist, his time running Breitbart News, and his role in solidifying Trump's populist appeal. Green explores their shared disdain for the establishment and their understanding of the power of grievance politics, which they wielded to harness the anger and frustration of many Americans.

The synopsis highlights the pivotal moments of the campaign, such as the Access Hollywood tape scandal and the controversial Muslim ban, which showcased the potent blend of nationalism and political incorrectness that Trump and Bannon embraced. It underscores the backroom battles and ideological clashes that unfolded behind the scenes, shedding light on the unconventional tactics employed by the Trump-Bannon duo.

Throughout the book, Green examines the complex dynamics of Trump's relationship with Bannon, revealing both the extent of their influence on each other and the inevitable clashes that ultimately led to Bannon's ousting from the White House. "Devil's Bargain" paints a vivid picture of the forces that propelled Trump's unlikely victory and forever changed the American political landscape.

In its concise and precise style, the book synopsis captures the essence of Green's work, providing readers with a captivating overview of the symbiotic yet tempestuous partnership between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon in their quest to reshape American politics.
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