All Out War

By Tim Shipman
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"All Out War" by Tim Shipman is a gripping and detailed account of the historic Brexit vote that rocked the United Kingdom and sent shockwaves through the international community.With meticulous research and insider interviews, Shipman offers readers an inside look into the dramatic events leading up to the referendum, the key players involved, and the intense political battles that ensued.From the infighting within the major political parties to the grassroots campaigns and the influence of the media, Shipman unravels the complex web of motivations, strategies, and tactics that shaped the outcome of this pivotal moment in British history.This book provides a balanced and comprehensive analysis of the reasons behind the Leave campaign's victory and the Remain camp's defeat, shedding light on the deeply divisive issues of immigration, sovereignty, and EU membership."All Out War" is a captivating read that offers deep insights into the inner workings of British politics and the profound consequences of the Brexit referendum. Whether you are a politics enthusiast, a keen observer of current affairs, or simply curious about this landmark event, this book is an essential read.
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