Dear Leader: My Escape from North Korea

By Jang Jin-Sung
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"Dear Leader" by Jang Jin-Sung is a powerful memoir that offers a rare glimpse into the secretive and oppressive regime of North Korea.

Set in the 1990s, Jang Jin-Sung's compelling narrative follows his journey from being a high-ranking propagandist for the government to becoming an international fugitive. As a poet and member of Kim Jong-il's inner circle, Jang enjoyed a comfortable life, with access to privileges and luxury.

However, his perception of the regime begins to change when he reads forbidden literature smuggled from China. Witnessing the brutality and desperation around him during a famine that claimed millions of lives, Jang starts questioning the regime's ideology and the propaganda he has been promoting.

Driven by his troubled conscience, Jang decides to escape North Korea, leaving behind everything he knows and loves. His escape is filled with dangers, as he must bypass heavily guarded borders, evade ruthless secret police, and rely on a network of brave individuals willing to risk their lives to help him.

In "Dear Leader," Jang vividly portrays the heartbreaking conditions in North Korea, where citizens live in constant fear and face harsh punishment for the smallest infractions. He sheds light on the reality of a country largely disconnected from the outside world, ruled by fear and the omnipresence of its dictatorial leaders.

This memoir serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, as Jang fights against formidable odds to reclaim his freedom and seek a life of truth and authenticity. With its gripping narrative and intimate portrayal, "Dear Leader" offers valuable insights into one of the world's most secretive societies, captivating readers with its tale of survival, hope, and the quest for freedom.
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