A Very Expensive Poison

By Luke Harding
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"A Very Expensive Poison" by Luke Harding is a gripping true story that delves into the mysterious assassination of a Russian whistleblower, Alexander Litvinenko. This meticulously researched and captivating book presents a chilling account of international espionage, political intrigue, and the deadly use of a rare radioactive substance.

Set in the heart of London in November 2006, the narrative unfolds with the sudden hospitalization of Litvinenko, a former FSB agent turned critic of the Russian government. As his condition rapidly deteriorates, British authorities become suspicious of a potential poisoning, leading to a high-profile investigation.

Harding skillfully uncovers the complex web of events that led to Litvinenko's tragic demise. From tracing the dangerous journey of a lethal poison, polonium-210, from Russia to a central London hotel, to revealing the involvement of Russian state actors, the book sheds light on the disturbing tactics employed by those in power.

Through in-depth interviews with key witnesses and analysis of classified documents, Harding reveals shocking revelations about Litvinenko's life and how he became a target. This captivating account also explores the wider implications of his murder, including the strained relations between Russia and the Western world.

"A Very Expensive Poison" is not only a thrilling investigation into a brazen act of state-sponsored violence, but also a chilling examination of the ever-evolving tactics used by modern intelligence agencies. Harding's storytelling prowess keeps readers on the edge of their seats as he masterfully unveils the complex layers of this compelling true crime story.
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