Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

By Nicole Daedone
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"Slow Sex" by Nicole Daedone takes a refreshing and thought-provoking approach to intimacy, challenging conventional ideas about sex and inviting readers into a world of heightened pleasure and deeper connection.

Drawing from her experiences in the world of orgasmic meditation, Daedone advocates for a slower, more mindful approach to sex that celebrates the art of touch, presence, and deep connection. By bringing mindfulness to our intimate encounters, she believes that we can tap into a profound sense of pleasure and transform our relationships.

Daedone explores the power of female orgasm, debunking myths and shedding light on the untapped potential of this often misunderstood aspect of sexuality. She delves into the concept of "omning," the ability to be fully present during sexual experiences, and shares techniques to improve communication and foster a more intimate and satisfying connection with our partners.

Throughout the book, Daedone combines personal anecdotes, scientific research, and practical exercises to guide readers on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling and connected sexual life. She encourages individuals to let go of performance-oriented notions and embrace the power of slowing down, connecting deeply with themselves and their partners, and embracing the full spectrum of pleasure.

"Slow Sex" challenges societal misconceptions and inspires readers to embark on a journey of sexual exploration, intimacy, and self-discovery. With its empowering message and practical advice, this book opens the door to a richer and more fulfilling experience of sexuality, enhancing both personal pleasure and deepening connections with our loved ones.
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