Be Here Now

By Ram Dass
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Be Here Now by Ram Dass is a profound and transformative spiritual guide, encompassing the journey of a Harvard professor-turned-spiritual seeker.

In this compelling book, Ram Dass takes readers on his personal pilgrimage, leaving behind his materialistic life in pursuit of enlightenment. Through the use of captivating anecdotes, illustrations, and Eastern spiritual teachings, he implores individuals to find inner peace and live in the present moment.

The book is divided into three distinct parts: The Journey, From Bindu to Ojas, and Cookbook for a Sacred Life. The Journey recounts Ram Dass' evolution from Richard Alpert, a renowned Harvard psychologist, to the spiritual being he becomes after experiencing the profound effects of psychedelic substances.

From Bindu to Ojas delves into the depth of spiritual principles, explaining the concepts of ego, duality, and the nature of reality. Ram Dass advocates for self-inquiry and guides readers on their own inward exploration, encouraging them to embrace their true nature and connect with a higher consciousness.

Cookbook for a Sacred Life imparts practical wisdom and practices for living a more conscious and fulfilling life. Ram Dass shares various techniques such as yoga, meditation, and interpersonal dynamics that can be used to cultivate greater awareness and compassion.

Be Here Now serves as an invitation, guiding readers to break free from societal constructs, embrace the present moment, and embark on a spiritual journey that leads to self-realization and inner peace.
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