Art of the Living Dead

By Adrian Hanft
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"Art of the Living Dead" is a gripping novel written by Adrian Hanft that takes readers into a world where creativity and death intertwine.

Set in the small coastal town of Moonhaven, the story follows Emma, a talented artist grappling with a recent tragedy. Haunted by visions of the deceased, Emma discovers a hidden ability to bring her artwork to life, albeit with a macabre twist.

As her creations come to life one by one, Emma finds herself torn between the beauty of her art and the darkness that ensues. With her art taking on a life of its own, she must navigate the complexities of love, loss, and the responsibility that comes with her newfound power.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure, known only as The Cursed Painter, emerges from the shadows. Fueled by envy and a hunger for power, he seeks to harness Emma's unique talent for his own sinister purposes.

With the support of her friends and the town's locals, Emma embarks on a perilous journey to understand the origins of her ability and stop The Cursed Painter before he unleashes irreparable havoc on Moonhaven.

"Art of the Living Dead" is a thrilling tale that explores the boundary between life and death, the powers of creation, and the consequences of playing god with art. Adorned with rich descriptions and haunting imagery, Hanft's novel will captivate readers with its blend of supernatural elements and emotional depth.
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