Five High Growth Potential Companies | SmallCaps High Growth Ideas | Summary and Q&A

August 5, 2023
Scientific Investing
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Five High Growth Potential Companies | SmallCaps High Growth Ideas


Explore the aspirations of five companies as they set ambitious goals to triple their revenue and achieve significant growth.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How has MPS demonstrated its ability to achieve its aspirations in the past?

MPS has a solid track record of meeting its commitments, including operating leverage possibilities and improved profitability. By analyzing the company's performance history, investors can evaluate the credibility of its aspirations.

Q: What factors will determine whether VST Tillers can achieve its revenue goal?

VST Tillers' ambition to triple its top line by FY26 will largely depend on its ability to execute its growth strategies effectively. Observing the company's performance and monitoring industry trends will help determine if these aspirations can be realized.

Q: What advantages does Kalpataru have in achieving its revenue and profitability targets?

Kalpataru's acquisition of another company has expanded its capabilities and allowed it to bid for higher ticket size and more complex projects. With a strong order book and a clear vision for growth, Kalpataru is well-positioned to achieve its ambitions.

Q: How has Talbros Automotive positioned itself to achieve its revenue and profit goals?

Talbros Automotive aims to more than double its group revenue by 2027, with a focus on improving its EBITDA margin. By executing its business strategies effectively and capitalizing on market opportunities, the company expects to achieve significant growth.

Q: What growth opportunities does Fino see in the affordable home finance sector?

Fino is hosting a joint webinar with Mission Smile to discuss the affordable home finance sector and explore potential investment opportunities. By delving into the fundamentals and technical aspects, investors can gain insights into this growing sector.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • MPS, an IT company, aims to triple its revenue to 2500 crore by 2027, supported by a strong history of achieving past aspirations and current operating successes.

  • VST Tillers, an automotive company, sets its sights on tripling its top line to 3000 crore by FY26, with the outcome to be determined over time.

  • Kalpataru, an infrastructure company, seeks to grow its revenue to 25,000 crore by FY25, backed by a strong order book and increased capabilities.

  • Talbros Automotive focuses on doubling its revenue by 2027, with expectations of improved profitability driven by margin expansion.

  • Fino, a financial services company, aspires to become a small finance bank and aims to significantly increase its revenue through the expansion of its customer base and Casa segment.

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