How To Make ₹1 Lakh Every Month As A Teenager & College Student

August 30, 2023
Ayushman Pandita
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How To Make ₹1 Lakh Every Month As A Teenager & College Student

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Everyone wants to make money online. For most Indians earning 1 lakh every month is an ambitious target. And the first step you do is searching for ways to earn money online on Youtube. You watch lots of videos with different ideas like video editing, content writing, affiliate marketing etc. But what we fail to realize is that all these are good ways to make tens of thousands of rupees, but it's very difficult to make over 1 lakh every month.

That's why in this video I have compiled a list of 5 ideas using which you can earn 1 lakh rupees every month. These ideas are of various niches and require a wide set of skills such as writing, management, problem solving, designing, creativity and growth mindset. So if you are a teenager, college student, freelancer or an employee then these ide...

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