113 - Aardvarks with Guns | Summary and Q&A

February 16, 2018
Dear Hank and John
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113 - Aardvarks with Guns


John and Hank discuss hotel bathtubs and the fear of chewing loudly, while also answering questions about marriage proposals, vaccines, and the possibility of vampires in outer space.

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Key Insights

  • 🥺 Hotel bathtubs can vary greatly in terms of cleanliness and size, leading to uncomfortable bathing experiences.
  • 🔊 The sound of loud chewing can cause anxiety and discomfort for some people, highlighting the importance of consideration for others.
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 The engagement period can be a meaningful time for couples to discuss and plan their future together, regardless of whether the actual proposal has taken place.
  • 👾 Space exploration and understanding require advanced tools and technology, and the presence of vampires in outer space is purely fictional.
  • 😒 The current state of political discourse and social media engagement is concerning, reflecting the need for stability and responsible use of technology.
  • 😀 AFC Wimbledon's recent loss and injury setback highlight the challenges they face in staying in League One, requiring careful strategy and perseverance.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does the AM/PM change at 12 instead of 1?

The change from PM to AM happens at 12:01, as 12:00 is technically midnight. In other countries, 12:00 is referred to as zero hours or zero dark thirty.

Q: Is it okay to read a book that you plan to give as a gift?

Yes, it is acceptable to read the book before giving it as a gift, as long as you handle it gently and respectfully. It can even lead to interesting discussions with the recipient.

Q: Why haven't our bodies evolved to withstand higher temperatures, given the changing climate?

Evolution is a slow process, and it focuses on major survival concerns rather than minor discomforts like hot food. Additionally, our mouths have evolved to tolerate higher temperatures more than other body parts due to our habits of consuming hot food.

Q: What would happen if a flu pandemic broke out during an apocalypse? Would we still try to make a vaccine?

While vaccines are typically created using chicken eggs, there are many other factors involved in making vaccines, such as laboratory facilities and equipment. During an apocalypse, the availability of these resources would be severely limited, making it difficult to produce vaccines.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • John shares his experiment on determining the quality of hotel bathtubs based on cleanliness, depth, width, and length, and recalls his experience of taking baths in tiny tubs during his tour.

  • Hank discusses his newfound anxiety of the sound of chewing, particularly when it comes to his brother's loud chewing. They debate the pros and cons of taking baths versus using hot tubs.

  • They share details about their upcoming shows in San Francisco and Pleasanton, and their excitement about the last week of the tour.

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