AP Bio's LYRIC LEWIS #NotTooDeep // Grace Helbig | Summary and Q&A

November 26, 2018
Grace Helbig
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AP Bio's LYRIC LEWIS #NotTooDeep // Grace Helbig


Lyric Lewis talks about her acting career, being on shows like AP Bio and Baskets, her love for Harry Potter, and her passion for true crime podcasts.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did Lyric Lewis get started at The Groundlings?

Lyric attended Syracuse University for theater and decided to pursue comedy after being inspired by the likes of Jennifer Coolidge and Cheri Oteri. She did her research and discovered that many of her favorite comedians had come from The Groundlings, so she enrolled in their program and eventually made it to the main company.

Q: What is Lyric's favorite role on AP Bio?

Lyric plays the character Steph Duncan on the show. She enjoys playing a teacher who is fashionable, fun, and passionate about her job. Steph is not a typical TV teacher and Lyric appreciates the opportunity to showcase a more realistic portrayal of educators.

Q: What is Lyric's favorite true crime podcast?

Lyric recommends True Crime Obsessed, Crime Junkie, and Dr. Death as her top true crime podcasts. She enjoys the mix of dark content with light-hearted banter in True Crime Obsessed, the thorough research and storytelling in Crime Junkie, and the chilling exploration of medical malpractice in Dr. Death.

Q: How has Lyric's perception of high school changed since being on AP Bio?

Lyric admits that she had a stereotypical view of high school, but being on AP Bio allowed her to see the humanity and complexity of teachers and students. She now has a deeper appreciation for the work that teachers do and the impact they can have on students' lives.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Lyric Lewis discusses her experience working on the TV show AP Bio and her chemistry with her co-stars.

  • She talks about her background in comedy and how she got started at The Groundlings.

  • Lyric shares her love for Harry Potter and her dream roles in future projects.

  • She also reveals her favorite true crime podcasts and her fascination with the genre.

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