How to Create Artistic Combinations in Midjourney | Summary and Q&A

September 9, 2022
Samson - Delightful Design
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How to Create Artistic Combinations in Midjourney


This video explores three ways to create AI art: anthropomorphizing animals, putting faces on objects, and making things out of unusual materials.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How can AI art be used to anthropomorphize animals?

AI art provides the opportunity to give animals human characteristics, allowing for fascinating and imaginative combinations. By using a prompt and changing the animal variable, artists can create unique anthropomorphic artworks. For example, a suave basset hound mistaken for James Bond or a Shiba Inu leading the French Resistance.

Q: How can putting faces on objects evoke an emotional connection?

Humans have a tendency to find faces in their surroundings, enabling them to see themselves reflected back and establish an emotional bond. By adding facial features to objects that don't naturally have faces, artists can create intriguing and captivating artworks. Examples include a broccoli resembling a human skull or a building with subtle elements resembling facial features.

Q: What other creative possibilities are there in AI art?

In addition to anthropomorphizing animals and putting faces on objects, AI art allows for the creation of artworks where objects are made from unconventional materials. This can include a metallic tiger with jewel-like fur, a sheep made of cauliflower, or even a man or spaceship made of broccoli. The possibilities are limitless, allowing artists to explore and create unique combinations.

Q: How can AI assist artists in creating these types of artworks?

AI tools like Midjourney provide artists with algorithms and prompts to generate and manipulate digital art. By utilizing these tools, artists can experiment with different combinations and explore their creativity. Prompt suggestions and techniques for creating unconventional materials are often shared, providing artists with resources to enhance their AI art creations.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video discusses the creative possibilities of AI art, particularly in anthropomorphizing animals by attributing human characteristics to them.

  • The speaker also explores the idea of putting faces on objects to create a sense of emotional connection and fascination.

  • Another method discussed is creating art by making objects out of materials they wouldn't typically be made from, such as a metallic tiger fur or a dress made of cabbage leaves.

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